Fire Fighters Association of Missouri

Host Agency Requirement

Host Agency ContestThe host department will provide a level site of at least 300’x300′ or 90,000 square to be approved by the convention and contest committees before the contests are held.

Hydrants on contest grounds capable of flowing a minimum 500 gallons at 55-75 psi. If no water system is available an adequate supply of 2 fold a tank equivalent to 6,000 gallons capacity to direct siphon to each tank and maintain at least 6,000 gallons at the tank site at all times to maintain water availability without delays. There shall be a pumper available to pump the water supplying a portable hydrant supplied by the FFAM.

The host department will supply adequate personnel to help with set up and tear down of contents.

The host department will supply a public address system for use by the announcer.

Portable rest rooms will be on site if no others are available in the immediate area.

No alcohol on the contest ground during the time of the contest. NO EXCEPTIONS AT ALL!

The host department will furnish all of the 2″ and the 1″ hose that is required for the contest.

All equipment for the contest will be at the contest site Friday night at 5:00 PM for set up.