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Fire Marshal’s Update – September 2021

I begin this article with a great appreciation for everyone that came and worked at the 2021 State Fair Fire Department. The commitment and dedication demonstrated throughout the ten days, exemplify why our Missouri fire service is the best. I look forward to meeting and serving alongside you next year.

September 11, 2001, is a day now called “Patriot Day” due to the cowardly acts of terrorists. We in the fire service wear the number “343” on shirts, helmets, hats, vehicles, tattoos, flags and the list goes on and on. We commemorate members of FDNY who gave their lives for the mission they were faced with on that day. “Never forget,” a phrase we have been using now for twenty years. Each time I use these two words it takes me back to the day and time of the horrific chain of events that begin to unfold. My gut gets a knot in it, my blood pressure elevates, and I brace my shoulders back when I remember that day. I love America and want to be found, standing for the Pledge of Allegiance, and the national anthem, supporting the men and women who have and continue to serve our nation. God bless America!

We want to thank everyone who has supported the numerous 9/11 stair-climbs across our state. We also want to thank everyone who sponsored a floor and joined our 5th annual State Fire Marshal/Supporting Heroes 9/11 stair-climb. We set our goal to raise $25,000. We fell a little short but raised several thousand dollars. Continue Reading →

Thoughts on the West Plains FD

Thank you Chief Westhoff for asking me to share my reflection of my years serving with the West Plains Fire Department. 

It’s interesting that I am at this point of my life, reflecting, but mother time allows this. I was born and raised in West Plains in a family of seven. My Dad, Joe, was community minded. He served the U.S. Army, served on the Fairview R-11 school board for many years, a Deacon at our local church, Ordained Minister, and volunteered as a firefighter for over 35 years with the West Plains Fire Department. Dad presently serves as president with Howell County Rural Fire Department. My Dad lead by example and passed that on to each of my other siblings, we all serve in one capacity or another.

I reflect back on my career with West Plains which begin in June, 1984, as a police officer and I joined the West Plains Fire Department at the same time. It was awesome because I got to serve alongside my Dad for a period of time. I grew up attending fire drills, and responding to fire calls occasionally, and picking up the fire phone that rang into the house for many years and listen to the dispatcher give out the emergency. My how things have changed!

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An Update from the 1st Vice President – January 2017

Happy New Year to each and every FFAM member. We made it through another year, and I look forward to what we have coming at us in 2017. A new President, a new Governor, new Chiefs, new Board Members, so we as members need to take this time and build new friendships, network, and promote what our great organizations does throughout this great state. Continue Reading →

An Update from the 1st Vice President – May 2016

Happy Spring everyone! I want to congratulate the area Lake Area Emergency Services Association for another successful convention, and may I add back to back, great job!

My heart is heavy while I write this article, and here is why.

His name is Joey Dale Hight born December 23, 1954, and passed this life on April 17, 2016. His badge #499, for the West Plains Fire Department, and #599 for the Police Department. He also was called Pastor, Preach, Preacher Man, Reverend, Rev, and he would gladly answer to any of them. I’m talking about our Chaplain, a lot of you will remember him as the Master of Ceremony for our 2001 FFAM convention. He is the one and only guy that has ever pulled off taking up an offering during an FFAM banquet, using a fire helmet.

The member of the fire and police departments will miss him greatly. He rode with officers, counseled, and was always available day or night for us. He is and will be missed by us all.

He is survived by his wife Tricia. Please keep her in your prayers.

I miss my best friend!

An Update from the 1st Vice President – November 2015

I hope to find everyone enjoying the opening of fall. I have enjoyed watching the changing of the trees during my travels. I just returned from the MU Fire and Rescue Training Institute’s Instructor Conference at the Lake of the Ozarks. I must say it was one of the best conferences I have attended. Good job Dave, Kevin, and staff, I appreciate you maintaining a professional and user friendly training institute. Thanks for blazing a trail for us all, for the past forty-eight years!

A huge congratulations to Mark Arnold from Thayer Fire Department for winning the 2014-2015 Instructor of the Year award. I am happy to have worked with Mark over the years and this is well deserved.

We at West Plains Fire Rescue under the hard labor of Firefighter Paul Bradshaw Jr. found a company that will take your old obsolete turnout gear and recycle it into, backpacks, purses, carrying bags, and numerous other items. I personally have a backpack made from of our gear, which is awesome. It’s a great way to get rid of your old turnout gear, and help recycle. Here is the company we used,, visit the site, I think you will enjoy it.

Everyone stay safe and enjoy your families and friends throughout this Thanksgiving season.

J. Tim Bean

First Vice President (In God we Trust)

An Update from the 1st Vice President – September 2015

Late summer greetings, man it pains me to say that because I know what is around the corner. It seems like I just put my winter coats up. Just for the ones that do not know, I hate cold weather!

It has been a very busy summer around West Plains, opening a new station, hiring more full time firefighters, and the best news ever, being awarded the Assistance to Firefighters Grant (AFG) for a new 77-foot aerial truck. Ferrara Fire Apparatus out of Louisiana was awarded the bid. I have to say “Thanks” to my Assistant Chief Roy Sims for his hard work on writing the grant, to Lanton Fire Chief Blake Bowers, and to the City of West Plains for their support of the Fire Department. Continue Reading →

An Update from the 1st Vice President – July 2015

beanI’m stunned 2015 is half over, the longest day of the year just happen, my grass is growing like someone sneaked in and fertilized it. But I’m happy its warm!

I along with five other members of the Region G All-Hazard Response Team, during the week of June 16-19 attended training at the Security and Emergency Response Training Center in Pueblo, Colorado. The class we attended was, Crude By Rail Emergency Response and was sponsored by the Burlington Northern Santa Fe railroad. We thoroughly enjoyed the classroom portion and the practical skills training provided. Some of the topics covered were, design of pressure and non-pressure tanks, properties and the burning nature of crude oil, and many other topics associated with the railroad and hazardous materials issues. I would encourage anyone interested in free training and an all expenses paid trip to contact your local Burlington Northern representative for more information. Continue Reading →