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The Museum Project – JAN 2019

Opportunities for fundraising
Winter Fire School is fast approaching and many of you are planning on attending. Not only is this an opportunity to hone your skills and learn new techniques for protecting and preserving your communities, but it is an opportunity to help us raise the necessary funds to build a wonderful museum preserving and sharing the history of fire service in Missouri. Let me share a couple of ideas for you to consider:

  1. Eat at texas roadhouse, to the right is a coupon that you can take to Texas Roadhouse on Friday, February 1, between 3:30 p.m. and closing. Present the coupon and they will donate 10% of your ticket to the museum project. Over the last several years, we have received about $500 from Texas Roadhouse. They do ask that you call ahead if possible because it is a Friday night and they will have other customers as well. Additional brochures will be available at the museum booth in the atrium of Holiday Inn.
  2. We will be raffling a Bullard fire helmet, autographed by former nascar driver Carl Edwards. Tickets are $5 each or 5 tickets for $20. All proceeds from the raffle will go to the museum project.

In addition to the above possibilities, we will always take your donations. We will also have kneeling fire fighter statues to sell as well.

Additional Fundraising Links:




Thanks in advance for your support of this worthwhile project.

The Museum Project – May 2018

Some thoughts on raising funds for the fire fighters’ museum.

1. Applications to companies and others seeking grants, this is a very difficult proposition. The applications have to be very precise and applicable to the company interests. One of the first questions they want answered is, “How much have you and your constituency invested in this project?” While we have a substantial amount that has been raised and donated, there is still a large sum to complete the task at hand.

2. Individual donations, this is probably the hardest of all the possibilities. People don’t like to ask friends for donations, no matter how valued the project. I have gone to the state employees charitable campaign several times and come out with minimal results. It seems that pets, abused children, and other ventures outweigh what we are presenting. An empty lot with plans to build some day. Continue Reading →

The Museum Project – July 2017

For those who were not able to attend the FFAM meeting in Sedalia this past June the board of directors re-approved their pledge of $100,000 toward construction of a museum. This pledge plus foundation funds as of that meeting put our price point at $415,000 plus any additional donations received between now and final construction bills are paid. We are now moving forward with project development to see how far $415,000 will take us. I do not believe this is enough to fully finish and open the museum but should get all site work completed and a fully secured building shell up, while we finish raising the required balance. One never knows for sure until the bids are in. We will be requesting bids on two phases plus a couple of options. Phase I is described as a shell only for now, and Phase II being fully finished. Phase III involves being fully furnished and ready to open. Continue Reading →

The Museum Project – May 2017

With the lack of progress in fund raising toward the original concept, the foundation is moving in a different direction and revised concept. A construction steering committee within the foundation was formed and a small phased project is now underway with what we will for now call Phase I. If money and the need present itself in the future, then Phase II or even Phase III will be considered. The much smaller footprint has essentially required us to triage the most important elements from the original concept into available space of a revised budget. This revised concept is well underway and a preliminary summary for builder proposals is nearing finalization and release for bid.

The smaller facility concept did allow a design consideration which was a limiting option with the full size facility. The smaller size allows for an “old fire station” look and that is being requested in the design proposal to the builders. Nine of the foundation members were able to meet in Sedalia during the FFAM Convention regarding this project. Numerous details were reviewed and a working project outline pushed forward to the next phase. We are planning on another review May 6, during work day, and then wrap things up for a bid package. If we can get our needs met within a revised budget number a contract can be quickly signed and work started this summer. More details to follow in the next newsletter due out in July.

The Museum Project – March 2017

Elsewhere in this newsletter you will find a picture and news release announcing a grant from the MFA Foundation to the Fire Fighters’ Museum project in the amount of $2,500. This grant is to purchase display cases for the museum when built. We are grateful for their generous gift and appreciative of this contribution.

However, if we are to raise sufficient funds, many more gifts of that type need to be discovered and received. I need your help in this. Perhaps there are organizations, corporations, or individuals in your community who might consider making similar grants/gifts to the museum project. You can help by making me aware of those you know about and working with me to file the necessary paperwork so that we might at least be considered for funding. I will gladly come to where you are or meet you halfway to discuss this possibility. Your help is essential in raising the necessary funds. Continue Reading →

The Museum Project – January 2017

I only have three things to tell you and remind you about. First, just before Christmas I received word that we had been awarded a grant from the MFA Oil Foundation. The grant is for $2,500 and is to be earmarked for display cases for the museum. While the amount is small, it is much appreciated. We would like to have patches from every department in each district to frame and display. If you can help with that, I would be grateful.

Second, Winter Fire School is approaching. For the third year we will be doing the fund raiser at Texas Roadhouse. Opposite in the newsletter is a flyer for the event. Cut that out and take it with you on Friday evening, February 3 between 4 and 9 p.m. and they will donate 10% of your check to our project. Last year we received over $500, the largest amount ever given by the Columbia restaurant. It will be crowded, but please be patient. Continue Reading →

The Museum Project – November 2016

The next big event for promoting the Museum Project will be the Winter Fire School in Columbia, February 3-4, 2017. We will have a booth set up again to give information about fund raising efforts and other information pertinent to this project. Please stop by and purchase a raffle ticket, make a donation, or just visit with us about how we can raise more of the funding we need. I always enjoy seeing everyone at the fire school so come on by!

Speaking of the fire school, once again we will be doing a fund raiser at Texas Roadhouse on Friday evening of the school. In the January newsletter, we will have a flier about this event. You must take that flier and give it to your server and the museum project will receive 10% of your check. Last year we raised over $500, the largest fund raiser Texas Roadhouse had at that restaurant. You are to be commended and I’m sure you enjoyed a delicious steak. Because of the crowds, many were not able to participate, but please support this effort. Continue Reading →

The Museum Project – September 2016

The last part of August I attended the Missouri State Employee’s Charitable Contributions Kickoff event. Representatives of all departments of state government come to the Truman building and have the opportunity to talk to about 100 approved charities. They gather materials and go back to their departments to share what is available. I was able to talk to about 200 of these representatives and passed out almost 500 pamphlets about our museum project. Now we wait. If you have a family member or friend who would like to make a donation to the museum project, encourage them to check #8065 on their pre-tax giving opportunity. Please pass the word. Continue Reading →