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A Message from the 1st Vice President – 03-2018

Greetings all! Hopefully you have avoided the flu, upper respiratory invasion and the cold weather. Just think, before we are ready we will all be talking about how hot and humid it is and will be hoping for fall weather to cool things off. I am sure each of you have an abundant amount of things already lined up on your schedules for the remainder of the year and I hope you have included convention, the state fair, relaxation and family time to help balance out your hectic schedules.

Let’s talk about the term professional this time. What does that really mean and how does it affect the fire service and you? Of course the dictionary says things like “relating to or connected to a profession; engaged in a specified activity as one’s main paid occupation rather than as a past time; a person engaged or qualified in a profession”, but how do those definitions fit in the fire service?

Whether you are paid for what you do in the fire service or not, do you consider yourself a professional? I hope you answer here is a resounding, yes. If not then perhaps you should spend some time reflecting on why you do not. I believe it does not matter if you are paid or not, in the fire service or in any other field of work, you should always strive to be a professional. If you think about it just a little, would you want a doctor who has attended school, graduated at the top of their class and been around for a long time cutting into you to “fix” a problem if they are also not a professional? The same can be applied to calling a fire department for assistance. Even though they have shiny trucks, well dressed staff and carry their book of certificates with them wherever they go, if they are not professional in their behavior and service module do you think the public values them? Continue Reading →

A Message from the 1st Vice President – 01-2018

How can it already be 2018? I hope you enjoyed the end of last year and had the opportunity to visit with family and friends during the various holidays. Early last year in one of my messages I said we would visit the training topic at a later date. I guess “a later date” has arrived. So let’s visit about training a bit.

Why do we in the fire service train in the first place? Is it so we know what we are doing, which affords us a better chance of being successful and safe in our tasks? Could it be because as individuals we want to do things to improve ourselves? Perhaps it could be driven entirely by the pursuit of compliance with NFPA or ISO standards. Of course there are many reasons we pursue training and we will not discuss them all. When training time comes, my wife always reminds me of an episode of the Flintstones, an old cartoon for you who have not heard of them, that highlighted the training for the Bedrock Fire Department, which basically served as a way to get out of the house and socialize because like the town’s name suggests everything was made of rock and there really were not many fires. I always assured her that although some of the meetings were somewhat social we were actually preparing ourselves to serve the public to the best of our abilities. Continue Reading →

A Message from the 1st Vice President

Greetings! It would appear that this year is getting close to going in the books so to speak. It is hard to believe how fast time passes by with our busy lives. I hope you are making plans to spend time with family and friends during the upcoming holidays. If you have a friend or maybe somebody at the fire station who has no one to share this time of year with, you might think about including them in your plans. A little bit of kindness surely couldn’t be a bad thing. Keep in mind the holidays are a stressful time with many extra issues added to not only our lives, but those we serve. Suicide attempts or contemplations have traditionally been thought this time of the year so take that extra minute and make sure those around you are coping well and don’t need a little extra help or understanding. Continue Reading →

A Message From The 1st Vice President

Greetings all! I hope your summer has been going well and you are finding time to enjoy the great outdoors and the many activities our state offers. The Missouri State Fair is upon us and the Missouri State Fair Fire Department will proudly be representing the FFAM to all fair visitors. My thought for the FFAM and the fire service this time is actually a question: What is the image we are portraying?

By “we” I mean the collective whole and the individual members. The members of the fire service, whether just in the state of Missouri or across the entire nation have an obligation to each other. That obligation is to exhibit a strong image, gain respect through our image and protect the image of the fire service. There was once a time in our history that all members of the service were revered not only in their local community, but all across our nation. Through the actions of some, but certainly not the majority, our sterling image and the respect it commanded has waned a bit. Continue Reading →

Awards and Nominations

Believe it or not the awards committee is already asking for nominations for the annual awards scheduled to be presented at the 2018 FFAM Convention in Chillicothe. The various award categories and nomination criteria are available on the FFAM website and can be submitted at any time up to the February 28, 2018, deadline. When you identify someone worthy of nomination it is often best to submit that nomination as soon as possible so the busy schedules we all keep don’t force you to try to remember a “last minute” nomination.

Many of our members are worthy of nomination for the various awards, but without your help with submitting a nomination, the awards committee has no way of knowing who they are. Don’t sit back and make the presumption someone else will make a nomination as they may be operating on the belief you are submitting the required documentation. Take a step towards recognizing a worthy member of our organization and make a nomination today!

Forms Available Online:

Until Next Year

Why is it that you anticipate, plan, scheme, prepare and generally run yourself about half-way past crazy to make sure an event is ready and then before you know it, the event is over? On behalf of the planning committee who worked to make this year’s convention successful we say, thank you for your patience and attendance. For those of you that have hosted in the past, you know how frustrating and rewarding the process can be, but in the end the good times we have far outweigh any of the perceived “concerns” we had in the planning stages. Many of you pitched in and assisted the committee at various times during the convention and even if we didn’t thank you at the time, your assistance was appreciated and you helped us provide a successful event.

This year was no exception to the fine tradition of conventions with fun had by those attending, competitive battles won and lost, notable awards being presented, scholarships awarded and maybe the best part, reconnecting with old friends and making new ones. Sedalia and the Missouri State Fairgrounds were again a fitting setting to host the event as the FFAM has deep roots planted from the many years of service to the fair and has forged lasting relationships across the Sedalia area.

We hope those of you that were not able to join us this year will mark your calendars and make the effort to join the group in Chillicothe in 2018. I know next year’s host is already working hard to put together a worthwhile convention for all. To those of you that were able to join us this year please help spread the word about the event and encourage other members of your agency or perhaps your neighboring agencies to take part next year.

2017 FFAM Convention Awards and Recognition

Chief Robert Looper, Holt Community Fire Protection District.

The Awards Committee was honored again this again this year to process, evaluate and assist in the selection of awards for many of our deserving members. We had several nominations for the award categories we recognize, but there is always room for more. The awards given this year were: Continue Reading →

A Message From the 1st Vice President – May 2017

Thank you! I know we normally say thank you at the end of many of our conversations, but I feel it is correct in this context to say it up front. It was humbling to have received encouragement from many of you for me to fill the vacant 1st Vice President position. It is an honor to be selected to fill the position and although I was the only candidate, I would like to think at least some of you thought I would be the best candidate.

Unlike many in today’s politics I don’t have an “agenda” that I want to push through, but I do have a thought or two about our organization and the fire service. My thought to share today is, I believe we must continue to define, refine and showcase the FFAM as the premier organization representing the entire Missouri fire service. By entire I mean each and every one of us including all full-time, part-time, paid, volunteer, union, non-union, and new or veteran members. We have instilled so many descriptive terms for the members of our profession that we have at times drawn dividing lines where there should not be any, after all aren’t we all just “firefighters” trying to make our communities better? There are many organizations that represent certain pieces of us and they each have their respective purpose and goals. In my belief, the FFAM should be the one single clearing house that serves every member of the fire service with no judgment, bias, discrimination, hard feelings or division. Continue Reading →