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2019 FFAM Scholarships

We presented four high school students with $1,000 scholarships and two Continuing Education recipients with $500 scholarships at the 2019 FFAM Convention in Sedalia, Missouri.

High School Scholarships
Sarah Betherum from Fair Grove High School and a member of the Fair Grove FPD. She plans to attend Ozark Technical Community College.

Hannah Cole from Farmington High School. She plans to enroll at Missouri University in Columbia.

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Volunteer at the MO State Fair FD

We are looking for you to assist at the 2019 Missouri State Fair Fire Department from August 8-18, 2019. We can use assistance to do the public relations each day during the fair. The fire and EMS crews assist as time permits with passing out handouts and giving truck and station tours to the fairgoers throughout the day. We have a remote-control fire truck, with Patches the driver that the kids love. We have Smokey the Bear and Sparky the Fire Pup costumes that walk the fairgrounds and visit daily. If you would like to assist, please sign up for public relations duty for a couple of days to enjoy the fair.

We can use firefighters, EMS and inspectors to assist daily for duties and enjoy the day on the grounds with concerts and all the other events. We cook the meals daily for all at our station and if you enjoy cooking or grilling, we can use you also. As I visit with the staff, the new attendees always say how much fun they have and are glad they decided to come and volunteer and check out a new way to serve. If you have never considered to apply, do so this year and come to be a part of the biggest function of the Fire Fighters Association of Missouri that you are a part of. We will have a spot for you to work and you will have a great experience you can only get at the fair. 

The Missouri State Fair Fire Department has seen an increase in calls for service each year at the fair. With the added increase the fire department has changed how we respond to the calls. Due to the crowded fairgrounds, we have started using brush trucks for initial calls not fire related. The smaller trucks allow for better maneuverability around the fairgrounds and through the large crowds. The brush trucks are primarily used for medical runs and to handle outside fires on the fairgrounds.  The department will staff two (2) brush trucks with three (3) personnel each and three (3) pumpers with four (4) personnel each. The number of staff needed every day of the fair to fulfill fire apparatus is 18. We always encourage new faces and welcome the experienced to the beginner.  The fire department takes great pride in coming together and working together. You can experience a once a year Missouri State Fair and all the excitement that comes with the events.

State Fair Fire Department

We closed this fair out with much needed rain that cancelled the Sunday night races. The crews were cleaning and returning all the equipment, getting it back in good shape for the departments that allow us to use their fire equipment. It is always good to see everyone to begin the fair and hard to say good bye until next time. What a great experience we all enjoy. If you have never signed up to volunteer, please consider doing it for the 2019 Missouri State Fair Fire Department, August 8-18, 2019.

We opened the 2018 fair with personnel from forty-eight departments that signed up to volunteer for the staff of the fire department. We average a staff of seventy volunteers daily, for the ten days we are in service. Opening day we saw the annual parade and specials for all fair attendees. We participated in the parade with our equipment and special guests Smokey the bear and Sparky the fire pup. They rode in the 1929 fire engine for the route and they are always a big attention getter and favorite of the crowd during the route.

Several trainings were held during the fair for fireman and the public at the firehouse. We had fire extinguisher demonstrations that people could actually spray from an extinguisher on a live fire prop. It is always a big attention grabber for the youngsters to see the fire and get to hear how to properly use a fire extinguisher. Every year we hear from adults to kids, that this is the first time they have ever used an extinguisher. The car fire prop with live fire and extinguishment always draw a big crowd. The engine crews demonstrated extrication tools and let the people see up close the tools used for extrication. We advise them to slow down and give us room when they see emergency personnel on the highways so they are safe and we can do our job quickly and resolve the situation. Continue Reading →

State Fair Fire Department

We would like to extend a huge thank you to all who worked and donated services and time to make a successful fair this year. There were 48 departments represented with 662 total personnel working the fair activities during the 12 days we were in service for an average work force of 55 each day.

The inspection crew installed 181 batteries in the facilities smoke detectors and CO alarms and completed 151 inspections. They flowed, flushed and marked all 29 fire hydrants in 220 hours prior and during the fair. The EMS calls this year were 138 at the start of the last Sunday and we had 206 walk-ins to the first aid station.

The fire crews responded to all events for standby and completed several demonstrations for the public. We had 3 live fire demonstrations for fire extinguishers. The first Saturday of the fair had record attendees at the fire house and we stayed out for two and a half hours showing proper usage of fire extinguishers to the fairgoers. The extrication demonstration is always popular with the crowds as they get a close up view of what they see too often on the side of the road as they are driving by. We made sure to remind the crowds to slow down and give anyone on the side of the road their full attention and let us complete our duties safely so we can all return home safely. Continue Reading →

Charlie Neubert is Recognized

Charlie Neubert is recognized for years of service by the Commissioners and Firefighters of the 2017 Missouri State Fair Fire Department.

Today, the Missouri State Fair Fire Department recognized Charlie Neubert for 40 years of service to the department. Charlie started with the department as a junior dispatching for the station during the fair. Charlie served as the Fire Chief of the State Fair Fire Department for the years 1988 and 1989. He has been a commissioner of the department since 1994. Charlie was a career firefighter for 33 years and is currently serving as Deputy Chief of the Highlandville Fire Department.

Charlie’s memories of the State Fair Fire Department are numerous and he shared a few of them for this article. During the 1989 Missouri State Fair, they were dispatched to a burn victim at the Midway. Upon arrival, they saw heavy smoke showing from the area of the carnival. They had four engine companies from the Missouri State Fair Fire Department respond to the scene. There were seven tractor trailers used by the carnival on fire. They requested mutual aid from the City of Sedalia Fire Department for an additional engine company. They brought the fire under control and were on the scene for about six hours. The State of Missouri Fire Marshal Office was contacted to assist with the investigation. The cause of the fire was determined to be arson. Continue Reading →

Poster Contest Winners

The 2017 Poster Contest Winners attended the Missouri State Fair.  They are being presented their award check along with Fire Prevention Committee Chairman RB Brown.

Fifth Grade: Trenten Bailey – Union FPD

Third and Fourth Grade: Calvin Brune – Union FPD

Third and Fourth Grade: Eli Schmieder – Union FPD

Third and Fourth Grade: Macey Shatzer – Paris Rural FPD

State Fair FD Awards

At the Awards Ceremony and Business Meeting held Saturday, August 19, at the Missouri State Fair Fire Department, it was decided that the Department Union will be making several donations to various causes. The Missouri State Fair Fire Department (MSFFD) Union collects fines during the fair from firefighters and EMS personnel to raise funds for these different donations. It is all done with good intentions. The fines are collected from personnel who have committed silly actions the previous day and gotten caught.

The first donation will be used for the 2017 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb in Jefferson City which will be hosted by the Missouri State Fire Marshall on September the 10th at the Jefferson Building. The MSFFD has elected to donate $350 to sponsor a floor during the stair climb. The fire department will also buy three bricks in memory of fallen Firefighter Jeffrey Sanders of Mayview, Captain John Kemper from St. Louis FD and Firefighter Jesse Ketchum of Memphis who lost their lives in the line of duty. The department voted to purchase a fourth brick for the 2017 MSFFD. These bricks will proudly be displayed at the Firefighter Memorial located in Kingdom City. Continue Reading →

Honoring LODD

At the meeting of all personnel on August 19, 2017 we gathered to honor the Clinton Missouri police officer who lost his life in the line of Duty, Officer Gary Michael. His Road Sergeant, Chad Nepple represented the Clinton Police Department for the presentation. We gave the family a firefighter flag that was signed by Law Enforcement, EMS, Fire, Conservation and State Officials at the 2017 Missouri State Fair to honor his ultimate sacrifice. He lost his life on August 6, 2017, during a traffic stop.