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A Message from the 2nd Vice President – November 2019

Hello FFAM membership. Summer has left us and the fall season is upon us. The farmers are in the field taking care of the 2019 harvest, deer hunters are anxious to get into their deer stands and pumpkin spice is in full swing.

The FFAM has been continuously busy working for the membership. We are attending events that you the membership are inviting us to. Many directors have been working on budget request for next year’s budget to better serve the membership or having a presence at the national level at the memorial service in Emmitsburg, Maryland.

On September 11, I was a very busy attending events on the behalf of the FFAM. The day started with an invite from Knob Noster Fire Department for their 911 ceremony. The ceremony was held at the city hall with the lowering of the flags and remembering the lives that were lost that day. The ceremony was also attended by the Whiteman Air Force Base Fire Department as well. This was a very moving service and reminded us that many lives were lost that day but never forgotten. Thanks to Chief Rick Johnson for the invite, I thoroughly enjoyed this ceremony.

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A Message from the 2nd Vice President – September 2019

Greetings FFAM membership. Whoa, where did the summer go? When you’re reading this article school will be already back in session, fall will be upon us, farmers will be in the field shortly with the harvest, pumpkin spice will be back and before we know it Christmas and the end of the year will be upon us.

The FFAM has had a very busy summer attending conferences to promote the organization. The Missouri State Fair has passed, and the fall season is looking at being a busy one as well, as organizations are asking the FFAM to attend their conventions and help doing some more promotions for the organization. I am glad to see because this is what keeps the organization strong. Thank you!

Since my last article I have attended two conferences that were very productive for the organization. The first was the Revolutionary Fire Tactics at the Lodge of the Four Seasons. At this conference, myself and Assistant John Scheper of the Gravois Mills Fire department had a great response not only from vendors that wanted to become cooperate members but also fire departments that were not members. I had one department that took membership packets for their whole county as Tim Bean, our fire marshal had told them about the FFAM at their county chiefs meeting. Thanks Tim, I really do appreciate it. The biggest surprise I got at this conference came from Chairman David Woodward and Treasurer George Creamer on the last night. They presented a check to me with our vendor fee being donated back to us to be given toward the memorial. Thank you gentleman for your great hospitality and thank you for your donation to the memorial. 

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A Message from the 2nd Vice President – JULY 2019

Greetings… Summer has finally arrived! We are probably planning vacations, spending time with family, or just wanting to stay home and just relax.

I am going to write about something different this newsletter. I am going to write about the benefits you receive as a FFAM member. Many times when I travel the state and visit departments, I have a lot of members that ask about what benefits they are suppose to receive as a member.

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A Message from the 2nd Vice President

Greetings, Spring has arrived! We are all now thinking about vacations, going fishing, visiting family and friends, having picnics, and of course the kids are itching to get out of school for the summer.

The FFAM has been very busy since the last newsletter. Firefighter Day at the Capital in Jefferson City, on March 6, was a huge success. Firefighters from all over the state were visiting their representatives and senators, some were even were invited on the floor of the House of Representatives, talking about the issues in hand. Including workers compensation and other fire related issues. The Missouri Firefighter Funeral Assistance Team were the featured guests of the Fire Marshal’s office and also Governor Parson. While at the Capital, there was a special service recognizing the funeral team and also a visit with Governor Parson in his office, to talk about the issues the fire service is facing today. Kudos to Fire Marshal Bean and his staff in hosting a very successful Firefighter Day at the Capital.
March 30, was a busy day for myself and Assistant Director Josh Koepke of District 11. We first started traveling to the Alma Fire Protection District for their open house they were having at their station. The district was thanking the citizens for their continued support of the district. They had numerous actives going on like showing the trucks, activities for the kids, an auto extrication demo, Air Evac was there selling memberships and they even had a BBQ serving hamburgers and hot dogs to its patrons. While we were there 1st Vice President Larry Jennings was in attendance as well. Chief Jeff Buford and the Alma Fire Protection District thanks for the invite and it is obvious the patrons of your District support your department.

Later in the day Assistant Director Koepke and myself traveled to another Lafayette County department. We attended the open house at the Odessa Fire Protection District. Odessa was trying to educate their patrons of a upcoming April ballot, in which they were trying to pass two different issues. The first was a 30 cent levy increase to move the ambulance from the city to the fire district and another 15 cent levy increase to help with staffing for the district. They did much like what Alma did, and had patrons tour the station, look at the trucks and equipment the district had, and they too had a BBQ. While we were there they had several EMS calls, myself and Assistant Director Koepke rode out on the trucks to see how their operation worked. I am happy to say that both issues passed in Odessa. It is good to hear that the voters of Lafayette County support Public Safety. Thanks to Chief Kevin Campbell and his staff for the invitation, Josh and myself really enjoyed the visit.

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A Message from the 2nd Vice President

Greetings membership, I Hope everyone had a great Christmas and a Happy New Year and that you got to spend it with the ones you love and cherish. The FFAM is starting the new year with a bang with lots of activities coming up in the coming months. By now you should have received your membership packets for renewal, please make sure that you get those back to us as they were due back January 1, if you have not done so yet. You don’t want to miss the activities and benefits the FFAM has to offer you.

At the December meeting, if you have not heard President Hoover announced that he will be retiring as Chief of the Little Dixie Fire Protection District. Chief Hoover served for 45 years in the Fire Service and has been the face for the FFAM for many years. Thank You Chief Hoover for your leadership and what you have done for the Missouri fire service.

On December 22, I had the privilege of standing with my union brothers and sisters of IAFF Union 2195 with the Lee’s Summit Fire Department on the corner of 3rd and Douglas to help collect funds for the Needy family fund in Lee’s Summit. We did this for 3 days and we collected a record amount of 30,000 in those days, on a boot block. This is quite an accomplishment and congratulations to IAFF 2195 on a job well done. Keep up the great work.

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A Message from the 2nd Vice President – NOV 2018

Greetings… Wow, where has the year gone! It is already November and before we know it Christmas and the New Year will be here.

The FFAM board and its committees are continuing to represent the Missouri fire service not only in Missouri but also at the national services in Colorado Springs, CO, and Emmitsburg, MD. Some of our board members have also been representing the FFAM as members of the Missouri Fire Service Funeral Assistance Team with the LODD in El Dorado Springs, Missouri.

As you can see the board is working for you, the membership. Speaking of membership, the membership packets for renewal are due to be mailed at any moment, so be looking in your mailbox for this packet.

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A Message from the 2nd Vice President – 09-2018

Greetings… Wow where has the year gone, We are already three fourths of the way thru the year, children have returned back to school, before we know it we will be celebrating Halloween, Thanksgiving and even Christmas.

The FFAM has been busy as well. The State Fair Committee just finished the fair and the Memorial Committee has been busy talking about the museum. The board of directors are working on the budget for next year and their requests have to be in by the October board meeting to the budget committee.

On July 17, I attended a historical event at the Wellington Napoleon Fire Protection District. On this evening Wellington had their promotional ceremony where a brother and sister were both promoted to Lieutenant. Nathan Jones was promoted over fire suppression and Kaitlyn Jones was promoted over EMS operations. Congratulations to you both and thanks again for the invite. Continue Reading →

A Message from the 2nd Vice President – 07-2018

Jefferson City Fire Department broke ground on their new Station 2 on June 13, 2018.

Greetings… What a busy time of year it is, we are thinking of summer vacations, going to the lake or just wanting to take time off to visit family and friends. The FFAM has been busy as well, lots of history happened since the last newsletter.

The first historical moment occurred at the Memorial Service on May 20. The memorial committee and several members of the fire service broke ground on the museum. This has been a long awaited project for years. After the ground-breaking occurred several donations were made towards that project. The donations totaled $17,000. If you would like to make a donation towards this project please contact myself or and memorial committee member.

The history of the Missouri fire service was moved from Kay Ashers basement and garage to the memorial site in Kingdom City on June 2, 2018.

The second historical event occurred on June 2. The history of the Missouri fire service was moved from Kay Ashers basement and garage to the Memorial site in Kingdom City. This has always been a goal of Kays and her wish was made possible from members from seven different fire departments that day. The whole history was moved in just three and a half hours, from Wentzville to Kingdom City, and between rain storms. Thanks goes to Kays family especially Theresa Cox for having everything boxed up ready to go when the help arrived. Many thanks goes to the seven departments that sent help that day, Southeastern Randolph County, Paris Fire Protection District, Warrenton Fire Protection District, Wentzville Fire Protection District, Madison West Monroe Fire Protection District, Little Dixie Fire Protection District and the Higginsville Fire Protection District. Thanks also goes to the FFAM Auxiliary for helping as well, and to the Kansas City Fire Department for offering to come to Kingdom City to help unload if they were needed. Continue Reading →