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A Message from the 2nd Vice President – 03-2018

Missouri House of Representatives Resolutions presented to Brian Beissenherz and Wes Young by Representative Glen Kolkmeyer from the 53rd District

Greetings, this winter has been a interesting one. Lots of departments in our state have been battling grass fires due to dry conditions, some have been battling snow and ice working lots of motor vehicle accidents and here lately our departments in southern Missouri have been battling the recent floods. To say the least, this winter has been a challenging one.

On February 18, I was asked to attend the Wellington Napoleon Fire Protection District banquet. They had a wonderful meal, and was attended by most of the personnel and their families. In the first five minutes of starting the banquet, they were called by mutual aid to help the Fort Osage Protection Fire District on a structure fire and grass fire. It was amazing to me to see how many wives kissed their husbands before they left and told them to come back safe. This was truly a great sight to see and to see how close this fire family is. Great job, Chief Randy Jones you have something special at Wellington Napoleon Fire Protection District.

That night I also got to witness again another special moment. Two of Wellingtons finest retired from the service. Brian Beissenherz and Wes Young retired with 36 years and 25 years respectively. They were presented with awards from the department and also were presented a Resolution from the Missouri House of Representatives. The resolutions were presented by Representative Glen Kolkmeyer of the 53rd District. Continue Reading →

A Message from the 2nd Vice President – 01-2018

Greetings, I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. On November 3, I traveled to the Lake of the Ozarks to attend the MU Fire and Rescue Training Institute’s, Missouri Emergency Services Instructor Conference. This conference is for instructors that do emergency services training for our fellow firefighters and EMS workers in the state. Kevin and his staff put on a great conference and great training for the instructors. The training included several train the trainers including basic firefighter skills, live burn training, and water supply for rural and urban departments to name a few. Great speakers and also naming the Instructor of the Year for the institute. Kevin and Gail did a great job with this as always. Keep up the great work, and thank you for what you do!

November 21, was a special day for our former FFAM Secretary and Treasurer Dale Arnold. Dale retired from the fire service after a 40 year career. Dale started his career with the Carrollton Fire Department and served for nine years before moving on to Central Jackson Fire Protection District where he served thirty-one years moving thru the ranks and retiring as a captain. Dale served nine years as a assistant director to one of our founders of the FFAM Joe Jackson, and eventually served as Secretary/Treasurer for our organization from 1989-2011. Dale also served on the memorial committee for several years. I attended Dale’s retirement ceremony in Blue Springs, lots of good things were said including words from our State Fire Marshal Tim Bean, who also presented Dale with an award, thanking him for his service. Dale enjoy retirement and spoil those grand-daughters of yours, I think you have earned it. Continue Reading →

A Message from the 2nd Vice President

Greetings, I hope this article finds you, your family, and your department doing well. The season of fall is upon us, temperatures are cooler and if your in an agriculture community, many of the farmers are finishing up with harvest.

The FFAM is busy this time of year as the committees have been preparing their budgets for the budget committee to be approved by the board at the December meeting. If you have any questions about the budget please contact your director for your area. Continue Reading →

A Message From the 2nd Vice President – September 2017

Greetings FFAM membership. I hope this finds everyone doing well. The FFAM has had some very busy times since our last newsletter. The Missouri State Fair Fire Department just completed another year of service to the patrons of the State of Missouri, the hotel for our next convention has been booked in St Joseph and, committees have been meeting to address items that have been given to them to help with the future of the FFAM.

The Missouri State Faire Fire Department just finished another great year. They answered 146 total calls, 144 of them were EMS calls or standbys and 2 fire calls, one of which was a structure fire at a concession stand that had a grease fire. The public relations department for the fair was really busy this year, they handed out materials describing the FFAM, they dressed up as Smoky the Bear and Sparky the Fire Dog, which was a big hit with the children , they did fire extinguisher demos, which were also a huge hit with children. One day they were out doing this for 2 hours, as kids kept coming up, and they also handed out public relations materials donated by the Jefferson City Fire Department. Thank you Larry Eggan of the Johnson County Fire Protection District for heading this up, you did a amazing job. Continue Reading →

A Message From The 2nd Vice President

Greetings FFAM membership. Since our last newsletter Missouri has been a busy state with record amount of rainfall weather related calls, water rescues, and even tornados keeping our fire departments, EMS agencies and 911 dispatchers very busy. Thank you for all your hard work and the agencies involved you did a great job and represented your our state well.

Unfortunately also since our last newsletter Missouri had two line of duty deaths. The first was with the Memphis Fire Department. Firefighter Jesse Ketchum died Monday, May 29, 2017, as a result of an apparatus accident while responding to a call. Firefighter Ketchum served the City of Memphis Fire Department for four years. He also served with the Scotland County Fire Association.

The second was with the Mayview Fire Protection District. Firefighter Jeffery Sanders died on June 19. Jeff has been involved with the Mayview Lions Club, the Odessa FFA Advisory Board, the Mayview Special Road District, and the Mayview Fire Protection District. Jeff was also treasurer of the Mayview Zion Cemetery Board. Continue Reading →

FFAM Scholarships

Hello FFAM members. I hope all is well with you and your departments.

At our annual convention the committee had the privilege of awarding five scholarships to our members and the winners are as follows: Cameron Lauber, Johnson County District 2; Maddison Breid, Madison West Monroe Fire Protection District; Kayla Littrell, Duenweg Volunteer Fire Department; Cole Allen, Duenweg Volunteer Fire Department.

Continuing Education

Shelby Phifer, Southern Stone Fire Protection District.

Please congratulate these members and wish them the best in their future.

Welcome Our New Second Vice President

By Charlie Neubert

As I am sure most of you know, I have decided not to run for office for the FFAM. I have been a member of the association for the last 44 years and have had the honor of serving as a board member or officer for about 30 years. I have enjoyed every minute, month, and year, serving you the members, my friends, very dear friends, for all this time. I appreciate so much the support I have had with my fellow officers and directors over the years. I also wish to thank every member for the years of voting me into office and allowing me to work for you to make the fire service in Missouri and the Fire Fighters Association of Missouri the finest in the USA.

This is not good-bye, I am just moving aside to allow new ideas to come into play to help keep the organization growing and moving forward. I am and will continue to remain a member of this association as an active member, and will continue to support the leaders of the organization.

Continue Reading →

Scholarship Update – January 2017

Hello FFAM members. I hope everyone had a blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year.

So has your high school senior thought about going to college or have you thought about going back to school yourself? The FFAM offers two different scholarships one that is issued to high school seniors going on to college or a vo-tech school and one that is a continuing education scholarship for anyone wanting to go back to school including us adults. This is a great benefit the FFAM offers to its membership!

The applications can be found online on the FFAM website. Go to and click on the committee tab at the top of the page, then scroll down to the scholarship tab. On that page you will find the rules and the applications for both scholarships. The deadline for the applications is February 28. Don’t hesitate to apply, you never know if you will get a scholarship or not unless you apply. Continue Reading →