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Welcome Our New Second Vice President

By Charlie Neubert

As I am sure most of you know, I have decided not to run for office for the FFAM. I have been a member of the association for the last 44 years and have had the honor of serving as a board member or officer for about 30 years. I have enjoyed every minute, month, and year, serving you the members, my friends, very dear friends, for all this time. I appreciate so much the support I have had with my fellow officers and directors over the years. I also wish to thank every member for the years of voting me into office and allowing me to work for you to make the fire service in Missouri and the Fire Fighters Association of Missouri the finest in the USA.

This is not good-bye, I am just moving aside to allow new ideas to come into play to help keep the organization growing and moving forward. I am and will continue to remain a member of this association as an active member, and will continue to support the leaders of the organization.

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An Update from the 2nd Vice President – March 2016

Recently I was looking at some old pictures from my younger years in the fire service and the people that trained me and that I had the honor to fight fires with. It made me think, am I doing all I can to help the next generation of fire fighters? Yes technology has changed the way we attack fires, ventilate, and even  our extrication techniques have changed, but if you stay up on your training you still have a duty to pass on what you have learned from training and from years of being a firefighter. Who will be the next leaders in your department when it is time for you to move on? Are they ready to lead and  command a scene? If the answer is yes then you have done your job and you should be proud. If you said no, then you, we have failed. Us old guys have learned special ways to make that old pumper pull a prime and pump away, we have experience on how a building will act when on fire. The little trick on how to force a certain door, are tricks that we need to help train our next group of firefighters.

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An Update From the 2nd Vice President

I want to first express my deepest sympathy for our lost brothers who answered their final call with the Kansas City Fire Department (KCFD). My heart fell when the news came on with the report of the fire and the wall that collapsed on four firefighters. My eyes started to water thinking of how, without a second delay, the guys went after their brothers. Having seen something similar when a wall fell on an engine company trapping a man in the jump seat. Your heart stops, then all you want to do is get to them as fast as possible, do everything possible, thinking of nothing but getting them out. My prayers to the families, the entire Kansas City Fire Department, and especially to the men and women on the scene that night. God be with you all!

Changing focus to a completely different spectrum, the State Fair is over and with the blink of an eye the holiday season is here! Time really does fly by! I realize that it has been said many times but I do want to thank everybody that gave their time and vacations to work this year’s fair. It always is impressive how everybody works so well together regardless of what part of the state they come from. I want to add a special thanks to the command staff for all the hard work that they do. Many of these guys help me out in a big way by getting equipment to use during the fair. Items such as pumpers, ambulances, EMS carts, EMS supplies, heart monitors, rescue tools, etc. Lots and lots of equipment, that with the work from the staff, and the huge help from fire departments, ambulance districts, and equipment companies that supply these at no cost for us. Thank you! Continue Reading →

An Update from the 2nd Vice President – July 2015

Well summer is here and 90 degrees is a few days away, but first we need to tell mother nature what time of year it is and turn off the rain!

High waters become so dangerous very quickly and we are called to rescue these people. Our jobs as firefighters is a dangerous world but we also need to know when it is not safe or wait for other resources. Everyone please be careful when making these rescue calls, and all calls that you may respond to! And be sure to watch your crews and yourselves with the upcoming heat this summer as well.

Our membership numbers continue to grow as you can see in the committee reports of the Board of Director Minutes. Jaime, the FFAM secretary, has been busy looking for additional benefits for our members. If anybody has any leads or ideas please contact one of us so we can follow up. We really want to give as much as possible to all of our membership. Continue Reading →

An Update From the 2nd Vice President – March 2015

With spring just around the corner activities will begin to pick up in the FFAM world. We start with April 11 and the grand opening of Fireman’s Landing at Silver Dollar City. Opening ceremonies will start with a parade inside the park at 9:30 a.m. on the square and then make their way down to the landing.

Silver Dollar City has spent over 8 million dollars for this new attraction that will be dedicated to Firefighters around the world. This is going to be a major event for the FFAM and all members are granted free admission into the park from March to May with a department ID and /or your FFAM membership card, plus a huge discount for family members. Continue Reading →

An Update From the 2nd Vice President

I hope that everybody had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, and are all ready for the 2015 year ahead. We already have a lot planned for the new year starting with Winter Fire School. The classes and expo seem to get larger every year and I enjoy so much seeing everybody.

April the FFAM will be front and center for the grand opening of the new Fireman’s Landing at Silver Dollar City! Firefighters from all over will converge in the Branson area for a very special weekend. A firefighter from each one of the FFAM districts will be selected for a free weekend that includes rooms, food, and of course free tickets to Silver Dollar City. Get in contact with your board member in your district to have your name on the list to get selected. Each director will pick one person for a free weekend and to be part of the opening ceremony April 11, 2015. To all the firefighters please check out the article from Silver Dollar City. If you wear a uniform or show a department id you can get in free for the day and your family receives discount tickets as well. Please plan on wearing a uniform for a very special sea of blue walk to lead thousands of people to the grand opening. Pass the word, fun times are to be had at Silver Dollar City! Continue Reading →