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Fitness in the Fire Service

As a personal trainer and health coach, my job is to help clients become healthier and stronger. As an orthopedic specialist, my job is to help clients rehab from injuries. As a senior fitness specialist, my job is to help my mature clients remain as independent as possible. And as a guest instructor for the Columbia Fire Department Fire Academy, my job is to create the physical training program and administer physical training workouts for the new recruits.

I am incredibly lucky. I get the opportunity to use my skills and talents to help our local fire academy recruits and our on-shift personnel to become and, hopefully, remain fit. I attempt to motivate movement and inspire a desire to make wiser food choices, both on and off-shift. I can create workouts and pass them along. I can create on-shift challenges and monitor their implementation. I can show up at a station and take someone through a one-on-one training session to insure safety and proper form. I can do all of those things. But if the recipients of these “gifts” don’t see the benefits or understand their necessity, they are wasted. Continue Reading →