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President’s Remarks – May 2018

Greetings from the thirteenth floor! Ever have a commercial that after you’ve seen or heard it, it just continues running over and over in your mind? Like, “Toyota lets go places,” or “Like a good neighbor State Farm is there.” Motel 6 has, “We’ll leave the light on for you,” or “Click it or Ticket it,” one my wife absolutely loves, is something about a house siding company, “Call Now,” not! Anyway you get my drift.

I want to introduce, or in some cases reintroduce, and I hope after my article, it will become the number one theme throughout every fire department within the State of Missouri!

“Sound the Alarm” Continue Reading →

Fire Marshal’s Update – March 2018

Greetings from the thirteenth floor! As I start this article the sun shines brightly across the blue skies silhouetting against the state capitol. We have had our share of gray skies, and cold weather! Bring on green grass, flowers, and seventy degree weather!

Something new, a manned 24-7  fire and arson investigator contact number! 573-526-0134 is manned by MIAC. If you need one of our investigators for response to a fire scene, use this number please. Please note this is not for insurance companies, citizens, or general inquiries.

Heavy rains have finally come along the southern part of the state at the end of February, filling lakes and ponds, and saturating the vegetation. Brush and grass fires were keeping the locals plenty busy over the last several weeks. Hopefully this rain will relieve that, and allow the vegetation to grow and give fire departments some much needed relief. Continue Reading →

President’s Remarks – March 2018

I believe the groundhog just might have been right this time. Spring is just around the corner and I am sure all of us are ready for its arrival. It has been a busy winter with many activities we all attended. I know I am ready for the season to change and for the life to return to the trees and grass and for things to come alive again.

Winter Fire School was a huge success thanks to MU FRTI’s hard work. Thank you for the commitment to educate our emergency service personnel. I did not make it to the expo this year but heard there was a very large crowd and it was a huge success.

I had the honor of attending the annual MO Fire Chief’s Conference at Big Cedar Resort along with about 100 fire chiefs from across Missouri. It was an excellent conference and some outstanding presenters were able to teach us old dogs some new tactics. Thanks. Continue Reading →

Fire Marshal’s Update – January 2018

Happy New Year 2018 and fair well to 2017! I hope each and every one experienced a happy family-fun-filled Christmas holiday. I enjoyed having some time off to enjoy Judy’s family and my family at Mom and Dad Beans. As my Dad often says, “We have beans three times a day at our meals.” Actually, I think someone counted 32 of them for Christmas dinner.

To bring you up to date on the Division, we have been very busy serving the State. The Fire Investigation Unit is up to full staff now. Deputy Chief Steve Grass hired three more investigators: Aaron Sutton who will be stationed in Warren County, Rachel McColley stationed in Ripley County, and Chad Hildebrand stationed in Webster County. We have some of the best fire investigators in the state and we pledge to continue to service you in that capacity. Please call us if you need our services day or night, 24/7/365.

The Fire Inspection Unit hired two inspectors to fill its roster. Deputy Chief Greg Dickens added Clay Allison who will be assigned to Cider County, and Dwight Francis who is assigned to Osage County. We appreciate what this unit does to ensure our facilities caring for our state’s most vulnerable citizens keep our loved ones safe. Continue Reading →

Fire Marshal’s Update – November 2017

Greetings from the thirteenth floor! “Every Second Counts Know 2-Ways Out,” just in case anyone in the Missouri Fire service missed Fire Prevention Week, on October 8-14, that is the theme for this year. I posted several pictures promoting fire prevention week in my own way with facebook posts, but kind-a got a scolding from one of my good friends (Cindy), who stated “Chief it’s fire prevention all year long!” I agree Cindy! I hope we as the Missouri Fire Service can say we promote fire prevention all year long!

We celebrated the Division of Fire Safety’s 45th anniversary on Wednesday October 25, with a noon pot-luck lunch. We discussed it around the office and decided to have a big blow out for the 50th. We were honored to have former Fire Marshal’s Bill Farr and Randy Cole join us. I have added some pictures from the 25th anniversary for your entertainment, enjoy! Thanks for everyone across our state that have supported the Division of Fire Safety for the last 45 years! Continue Reading →

Fire Marshal’s Update – September 2017

Greetings from the thirteenth floor! I want to begin this article by recognizing all of my fellow Americans suffering due to the floods that occurred in Texas and Louisiana. They need our prayers and support during this tragedy and trying times ahead. From the State Fire Mutual Aid system we have helped organize eighteen departments and one EMS unit to assist the FEMA\EMAC system in Texas. This historic event will take long to recover from and I am sure other resources will be requested as time goes along. Thanks in advance for your assistance when we call.

I also recognize that many of our fellow Missourians are still suffering form the epic flooding that took place in late April and early May of this year. I want you to know our support is still available. Please contact us if we can be of any service to you. Continue Reading →

Fire Marshal’s Update – July 2017

Happy Summer, Missouri Fire Service. When we use that word, Summer, as a first responder there are some things we need to remember: stay hydrated, take frequent breaks, stay out of the sun when possible, wear sunscreen, and use common sense while working in the sun.

It is with a heavy heart that I continue the next portion of my article.

On Monday, May 29, we had our first line of duty death in Missouri. Firefighter Jesse W. Ketchum of the Memphis City Fire Department was responding on a mutual aid fire call. Firefighter Ketchum was driving a pumper truck en route to the fire when it overturned killing Jesse. We at the Division of Fire Safety and the Missouri fire service extend our continued support to his wife Jenna and their four children, Zada, Cora, Rhet, and Kruz. Let’s keep them in our thoughts and prayers please. Continue Reading →

Fire Marshal’s Update – May 2017

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for the support and confidence you have shown since my initial appointment as State Fire Marshal on February 8, 2017. The list of compliments, texts, along with phone calls is as long as the ride to the thirteenth floor. I truly am humbled and appreciative for each and every one of them. I will do my best and try and be the best boots on the ground each and every day as your state fire marshal.

We at the Division want to say “thank you” to each and every one who attended Firefighter’s Day at the Capitol on April 5. Governor Eric Greitens attended and assured the Missouri fire service that he has our backs, along with state senators and representatives who also attended and showed their appreciation and support, it all made for a good day. We appreciate our training partners MU FRTI and Three Rivers College for displaying their training props. An additional thank you to the following fire service entities: Holt Summit FPD, Cole County FPD, Air Force Fire Department, U.S. Forestry Service, Missouri Conservation (Fire Division), Jefferson City Fire, and West Plains Fire for bringing your trucks and equipment for displays in front of the Capitol. Also thank you to Jefferson City Fire for the color guard, and flag posting, and Boone County Bag-Pipe and Drums for serenading us. Lastly I want to brag on the staff of the Division for all of the behind the scenes work that made this event a great success. I appreciate your dedication and devotion to the Missouri Fire Service day in and day out. You’re the best team ever. Continue Reading →