Fire Fighters Association of Missouri

Insurance Program

The FFAM offers a low cost way to provide something to those left in the event a member is taken in an accident. This coverage is in effect 24 hours a day and the cause of death does not have to be fire service related. The Dismemberment coverage is for the loss of a limb and pays on a percentage of loss assessed.

Eye Glass Assistance

The FFAM. in its efforts to assist members in keeping personal cost to a minimum offers an assistance program that provides up to $200.00 to repair or restore eye glasses broken or lost on an emergency incident.


FFAM is always looking for new members. If you are interested in the being part of the fire service community, we would love to offer our services as an organization to you.

Educational / Historical Preservation Center

Missouri Firefighter Museum
The Fire Fighters Historical Preservation Foundation of Missouri plans for the Educational and Historical Preservation Center to provide displays of fire history and an interactive learning center detailing the history of the fire service in Missouri.


Current FFAM Newsletter
Published six times annually, the FFAM newsletter contains news articles from departments across the state, information on upcoming training opportunities and informative educational articles.

Fire Fighters Memorial

Firefighters Memorial Patch

The Fire Fighters Memorial Foundation of Missouri is dedicated to those that have given their lives while answering the call for help. You can visit the memorial in Kingdom City, Missouri if you wish to honor those that have fallen.