Fire Fighters Association of Missouri

The Museum Foundation Report

Welcome to the beginning of spring and all the renewals which come with that. The Museum Foundation continues to explore fundraising options. A large block of time was devoted to this subject during our last Zoom meeting on February 23, 2021. One director outlined a new approach to a resource we have not contacted at the corporate level in some time and ties directly into a second program in becoming more detailed by specific costs of very specific needs to finish our interior.

This is still a work in progress, so more to come. Another idea just started in the discussion, is revising a new approach to an older but previous successful program used during the early days in fundraising.

Completing Phase-I had its challenges in fundraising for a vision that at the time involved an open space of green grass. We are now more optimistic about being able to sell the vision of a finished interior while looking at the building giving a more positive dimension as we work toward finishing Phase-II. While we continue about the business of fundraising, we also remain open for ideas to not only make this project unique but assure we continue the core value of a Historic Preservation Foundation and Education Center. A tall order for sure, but in February 1996, there was only a motion made, seconded, discussed, and passed to organize a memorial committee.

Just a vision of what could be at that time. On May 18, 2002, the memorial was dedicated with the concept of a future museum adjacent to the west side already in the works.

I will restate what I said in my last article, please do not “assume” we have all the answers or a corner on all great ideas when it comes to fundraising. If you have something you feel could assist, please reach out to a foundation member. My contact information is Keith Smith, 314-709-0760 or

We are blessed in having so many of your foundation board members involved in numerous areas of the Missouri Fire Service while still finding the time to work on foundation business, events, and special projects. In continuing with my commitment to recognizing foundation members in more detail the next two people I would like to introduce are Gail Hagans and Terry Wynne.

Gail was working part-time for the director of printing services at the University of Missouri during her last two years of high school and was hired full-time in June 1985. She moved to the MU Fire and Rescue Training Institute in November 1989. Gail volunteered as an EMT for the Missouri State Fair Fire Department in the early ‘90s serving over 10-years, one of the first recipients of the Phil Sayer Lifetime Achievement awards and has supported the foundation in many ways for several years before being elected as a board member in 2018. For those on Facebook, you know that Gail is a very accomplished photographer with a specialty for birds.

Terry Wynne is the FFAM Director of District 1 and Fire Chief of the Galt Fire Protection District approaching 45-years as a volunteer firefighter. Terry has volunteered at the Missouri State Fair Fire Department for over 15-years but has supported this operation in other ways for over 30-years, currently serving as a Commissioner during the Fair. Terry became an FFAM Director and Foundation Board member about the same time over 12-years ago. Terry is a lifelong farmer, loves spending time with Grandchildren and camping.
You do not have to be on the Foundation Board to assist with any one of our numerous projects. If you would be interested in just a few hours at a time/date of your choice, please contact us. Thank you for reviewing this update regarding your state museum project.