Fire Fighters Association of Missouri

Memorial Foundation Report

Normally this memorial report would be loaded with preparation information regarding the May 2021 Candlelight and Sunday morning services. In early February two people having a direct and long-standing relationship with our LODD families and those departments were task with a very difficult request. They were asked to review in detail the potential COVID impact on both personal health and level of comfort within these families. Plus those departments in the holding of honors for those who served and passed for the presentation of honors the third weekend in May 2021. They were to also consider having to limit access to a set number of people on-site and those dynamics as an impact to families and departments.

Without writing another 500 words covering the findings of that review and what the summary recommends, the Memorial Foundation Board of Directors has made their most difficult decision in 2021 to date.

The May 2021 services have been moved to Saturday evening October 9 and Sunday morning October 10.

More details to follow, but please know that we are committed to these two dates in October, and feel very strongly they can and will be honored. We will continue with the normal planning which goes into both services, gathering of the required information to be presented, and the logistical organization to move things forward.

We are continuing the plan for a “live stream” of the Sunday morning service which will be a new addition to our processes, the program, and viewing options. If you have had the chance to either drive by or visit the memorial at night, you will now see a very different look of all things under light except for the parking lot. The grounds, walls, statue, and flags have a new look thanks to a renovated lighting system which by the way is less expensive on the monthly electric bill.

The new LODD support trailer with a custom-designed scaffolding system for casket assistance will be completed and in service by the time you are reading this article. Brian has put in numerous hours and many miles on bringing this next great asset into operation in the giving of honors to our fallen.

In closing, please save the new dates in October and continue to work with us through what we hope is the very last time we will ever have to cancel and reschedule the May service dates. Thank you for the continued support of your state memorial.