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Memorial Foundation Report

Normally this memorial report would be loaded with preparation information regarding the May 2021 Candlelight and Sunday morning services. In early February two people having a direct and long-standing relationship with our LODD families and those departments were task with a very difficult request. They were asked to review in detail the potential COVID impact on both personal health and level of comfort within these families. Plus those departments in the holding of honors for those who served and passed for the presentation of honors the third weekend in May 2021. They were to also consider having to limit access to a set number of people on-site and those dynamics as an impact to families and departments.

Without writing another 500 words covering the findings of that review and what the summary recommends, the Memorial Foundation Board of Directors has made their most difficult decision in 2021 to date.

The May 2021 services have been moved to Saturday evening October 9 and Sunday morning October 10.

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Election at May Meeting


Per FFAM Bylaws 5/6/18 > Article V – Officers and District Directors, all Officers will be elected on a 4-year term and Directors will be elected on a 3-year term.

Officers and Directors shall be nominated by the Nominating Committee and elected by a majority vote of the duly authorized delegates at an annual convention. Nominations for office must be submitted before the convention by March 1st. Each nominee will be reviewed by the Nominating Committee to insure valid membership of the candidate before submission for election at the annual convention. Upon review, if a candidate is found to be ineligible or not in good standing with the FFAM, that nomination will be void for that year’s election. All open positions and duly approved candidates shall be posted on the FFAM website no later than March 15th. In the event no candidate is nominated or in the event that a vacancy occurs in mid-term, it shall fall upon the President to present a name for office to be reviewed and approved by the Board of Directors.

Standing for Officer Election in 2021 is the position of President and 2nd Vice President. These are 4-year terms which will run to the Convention of 2025. The position of President is currently held by Kenneth Hoover (Mexico MO) and has made a decision not to run again leaving this position open. 1st Vice President Larry Jennings (Warrensburg, MO) has placed his name into nomination for President of FFAM for the 4-year term of 2021-2025.

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Cosby-Helena Fire Protection District • New Engine

The Cosby-Helena Fire Protection District has placed into service a 2008 Pierce Saber with a 1500 GPM pump and a 1000-gallon tank. Engine 62 also has an onboard foam system and a hydraulic-powered generator. They purchased the engine from the City of Rochester Hills, Michigan Fire Department, where it previously served as their Engine 1. Firefighters have trained on driving and operation of the apparatus, and it represents a 13-year upgrade from the current engine at the department. Cosby-Helena has also implemented paperless reporting via iPads that were donated to the department. For more information and pictures, you can find them on Facebook @cosbyhelenafire.

Cole County FPD • New Tanker

The Cole County Fire Protection District has received a new 3,000-gallon tanker manufacturer by Danko Emergency Equipment. It is a sister truck to the one purchased last year. It is the second large purchase since the voters in Cole, Osage, and Miller counties approved a tax increase for the District. It is the first tax increase since the District was formed in April 1993. As promised, the tanker will replace a 1980’s piece of equipment. As funds become available, the district will continue to replace trucks that are over ten years old.

The tanker will be stationed at Station 1 on County Park Road. The tanker will enhance the ability to deliver much-needed water to rural areas with no fire hydrants. The tanker can dump the full 3,000 gallons in two minutes into a 3,000-gallon portable tank, which came with the tanker. The tanker will complement the District’s fleet of tankers to provide much-needed water to the fire scene.

The photo of the driver’s door shows the name of Assistant Chief Robbie Hammann who always drove engine 1110. Robbie passed away on December 20, 2020.

A Message From The 1st VP – March 2021

Greetings all! Hopefully, you have not experienced any lasting ill effects from the frigid temperatures we had or the ongoing pandemic. At this point, I am sure you are all getting excited and making those final plans to attend Convention 2021, oh wait, no convention again, thanks COVID-19! With that in mind we will hold the annual delegate meeting on Sunday, May 2, at the Missouri State Fair Fire Department so please plan on attending so you can make your voice heard within the organization.

In this edition let’s talk about sin! Ok, now that I have your attention we aren’t going to discuss sin in detail, but we will talk about one of the seven things commonly referred to in some belief structures as a sin. The seven deadly sins, whether you believe in them or not, are listed as pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath, and sloth. I am sure each of us has experienced some form of these items in our lives whether you were an active participant or just a bystander.

I want to talk about pride. The Merriam-Webster definition is: 1. a reasonable and justifiable feeling of being worthwhile: self-respect. 2. a feeling of being better than others. 3. a sense of pleasure that comes from some act or possession, Parents take pride in their children’s progress. 4. someone or something that makes someone proud, That car is my pride and joy. Now at face value that definition would make you question why it would fall into the category of sin. When you look at that definition I would venture a guess we have each exhibited at least one element included.

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Daniel Clark Hired as Chief

Daniel Clark of Katy, Texas, was hired as the West Plains Fire Chief in December 2020. Clark, a 25-year emergency services veteran, has extensive experience working in both domestic and international fire departments. Most recently he was the Crew Chief/Acting Assistant Fire Chief for CGH Global in Bahrain, where he oversaw daily operations, crew schedules, and training in support of United States military operations.

Before taking that position in 2018, Clark worked as the Fire Chief for the Stratmoor Hills Fire Protection District in Colorado, and as the Chief of Emergency Services for Suncor Energy in Commerce City, Co. Clark’s emergency services career also includes international stints in the Green Zone of Bagdad, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and Afghanistan. He began his emergency services career as an EMS Lieutenant for the Lafayette Fire Department in Lafayette, Co. Clark is pursuing a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration from Columbia College in Columbia, Mo.

News From District 7 – March 2021

Hello from the east side of the state! I hope you all are doing well. I have to say Chief Billy Smith your persimmons forecast was very close. Maybe you should change your calling and become a weatherman! With spring around the corner, here are some things to think about when you get out and shake off the winter blues. Daylight savings time is on March 14, so don’t forget to change the batteries in your smoke and CO detectors.

Spring Safety Tips
With spring soon to be knocking on the door, the air will begin to warm, and the trees will bud. It means it’s time for spring cleaning, yard work, home repairs, and new exercise regimens. All of which can present a variety of health and safety hazards.

With warmer weather and longer days upon us, people are emerging from their winter cocoons to focus on long-neglected projects like spring cleaning, home repairs, and yard work. Many are also lacing up their shoes for their first outdoor walk or jog of the season. These activities can be extremely beneficial, but they also involve a variety of health and safety hazards that can be avoided with the proper precautions. I have provided some tips to help ensure everyone in our community stays safe this season.

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A Message From The 2nd VP – March 2021

Alma Fire Protection District retirement ceremony for Fire Chief John Greiwe honoring 40 years of service.

Greetings my brothers and sisters. This winter has been one that we have not seen for a while in Missouri. Some departments have been busy with ice rescues, numerous structure fires caused by space heaters, and of course, the frigid temperatures making our jobs more challenging than ever. These challenges are nothing we cannot overcome or adapt to as the Missouri Fire Service.

This last week was special for me, I attended the retirement ceremony and annual dinner of the Alma Fire Protection District. This is the department that I started my career with. At this ceremony, they were honoring Fire Chief John Greiwe who had served the department for 40 years.

John was my mentor, I will never forget when I moved to Alma, he was one of the first to welcome me to town and invited me to join the department as he knew I was pursuing to get my EMT license. John also taught me how to pump a truck, how to treat patients with respect, and to kill people with kindness and a smile. These things I have always cherished in my life and still live by today.
I have many memories of my career with John, he invited me to Independence Fire, when at the time John was serving as an engineer on Pumper 2 and I had a ride-along with his crew and learned a lot about city EMS and fire-tactics vs rural. John was always a teacher and for that, I want to thank you.

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