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Fire Prevention Committee

As I am sitting in the office of the Missouri State Fair Fire Department all I can say is wow, how different this is. We are working with half crew sizes and equipment, and the streets only have a few people walking around. There are some that stop by to say thank you for all we do.

The 2020 Missouri Youth Livestock show will be one for the record books. We have made many improvements to the station. A big shout out to Evan, Emily, Kyler, Chris, and anyone else that helped with a massive upgrade to our communication and dispatching capabilities. During the fair, we also held a Basic Firefighter class for members that didn’t already have the training. For the members that have the certification, or higher, it was a great training refresher and great team building. 

With the youth livestock show in the books, it means that school will be starting which leads to the fall season and fire prevention. This year has been a year with the convention being canceled and the challenges of getting posters to the Fire Prevention Committee to be judged. We did have a few that we were able to get submitted. For those that were not able to submit your posters this year, I hope you can join us in Kearney in 2021 and get your posters turned in.

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History’s Corner – September 2020

Well, it seems that because of the circumstances we are making history in 2020. It was April 16-17, 1955, when the Firefighters Association of Missouri held it’s first-ever “Fire Convention” in Columbia.

There were some forward-thinking members of the fire service in Missouri in the mid-1950s who thought that their interests were not being addressed at the state level. These folks were just like the present members of your local fire department. Most were volunteers who worked as car dealers, farmers, welders, concrete finishers, and many other trades. Some were local ministers, bankers, and leaders of their respective communities. They all had one thing in common. They wanted a voice in politics in Jefferson City and they wanted recognition for their efforts as members of their local fire department. They also wanted a way that thoughts and ideas that would improve the emergency services in the state could be shared with one another for the greater improvement of the service.

Demonstration from First Convention April, 1955
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Mutual Aid Update

I would like to take a moment and recognize Chief Terry Plumb and the entire 2020 Missouri State Fair Fire Department for a job well done, under circumstances none of us could have imagined a few months ago. The department made the best of the circumstances and took advantage of reduced fair operations to accomplish a significant amount of training. I was able to relocate my office to the Missouri State Fair Fire Department for a few days giving me the opportunity to interact with the crews and provide some training on NFIRS and other topics on an individual basis.

Recently, the Missouri Division of Fire Safety acquired a side-by-side live-fire sprinkler demonstration trailer. We conducted our first test burn on August 22, in front of the Pepsi Grandstands at the Missouri State Fair. We plan to bring this trailer to festivals and events throughout the state in the coming months. Information on how to request this trailer demonstration for an event in your area, along with host agency requirements, will be distributed in the next few weeks.

The Missouri State Fire Marshal 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb is scheduled for October 10th at 7:30 am. Please visit to register or become a sponsor today! You can also follow our Facebook page at MoMemorialStairClimb.

If you need any assistance with NFIRS, please email me at Like and follow us on Facebook at mofiresafety. Please stay safe out there!

2020 Fire Prevention Poster Winners

A Message From The 2nd Vice President – September 2020

Greetings to my brothers and sisters of the Missouri fire service. Wow, where has the summer gone? With the COVID-19 pandemic going on we have lost our summer, kids are back to school, vacations have come and gone, county fairs and festivals have been canceled or moved to next year and most of our concerts and sporting events are going on with no fans or little fan base in the stands. This has been a year to remember to say the least, but we in the fire service have stayed strong through this and we will continue to push forward.

The Missouri State Fair has come and gone. If you had not heard there was a youth livestock show. The FFAM provided fire and EMS operations for this event. This was by far a slower than usual fair. They only ran eleven calls for the entire ten-day fair, but there was some excellent training going on while they were waiting for calls to happen. The FFAM hosted a Basic Firefighting class for our personal that did not have this certification and they also trained on firefighter CPR in case a mayday was called at a fire scene. Let’s not forget about the food as well. I can tell you when I visited the personnel on the first Saturday of the fair, if you went hungry, it was your own fault, the kitchen staff was amazing, and they wanted to make sure you were happy before you left.

I would like to thank the agencies that supplied equipment for the fair, Mid County Fire Protection District, Union Starr Fire Protection District, Southern Stone Fire Protection District, Wellington-Napoleon Fire Protection District, Buchanan County EMS, Pettis County Ambulance District, Johnson County Ambulance District and Higginsville EMS. Without these agencies, the fair would not work as effectively as it does. Thanks to Chief Plumb and his staff for a job well done.

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Auxiliary Meeting Minutes – September 2020

Meeting called to order by 1st Vice President Jessica Miller at 9:00 a.m. Colors were posted and the Pledge of Allegiance was said.

Members Present
Jessica Miller, Norborne FPD; Theresa Cox, Wentzville FPD; Sheri Berendzen, Cole County FPD; Ann Jones, Madison West Monroe FD; Joni Fields, Paris Rural FD; Carissa Thompson, Holts Summit FPD; Missy Erdel, Little Dixie FPD; Joyce Thompson, Kearney Fire; Angela Fields, Paris Rural FD; Nicole Koepke, KCFD.

Introduction of Current Officers
President Diane Wynne, Galt FD (she was absent); 1st Vice President Jessica Miller, Norborne FPD; 2nd Vise President Theresa Cox, Wentzville FPD; Secretary/Treasurer Sheri Berendzen, Cole County FPD; Historian position open; and Sergeant at Arms Ann Jones, Madison West Monroe FD.

Sheri Berendzen read the 2019 convention minutes. Jessica Miller asked for any corrections, additions, or any discussions. Theresa Cox made a motion to accept the minutes, second by Joyce Thompson. Jessica Miller asked all in favor, no opposed, motion passed.

Sergeant-at-Arms Ann Jones took roll call resulting in 10 members present.

Treasurer’s Report
Sheri Berendzen reported as of April 14, 2019, we have a beginning balance of $4,510.37. 

Since June we have an income for a total of $80.00 and no expenses so we now have a total of $4,590.00. Joyce Thompson made a motion to accept the treasure report as read. Second by Carissa Thompson. Jessica Miller asked all in favor, no opposed, motion passed.

Committee Reports

Nomination Committee
Jessica Miller stated that with the elections were just held there were no nominations at this time.

Theresa Cox reported that we have 106 paid members and there are 12 honorary members. There are also 27 departments.

Eric Hartman with Division of Fire Safety stated he did not have much to report on at this time. The budget is looking pretty good especially with the way things are.

Contest games
Sheri Berendzen had nothing to report.

Carissa Thompson said she will keep the Facebook page updated.

Ann Jones said there are no by-law changes at this time. 

Auxiliary of the Year
The award recipient will be used for next year’s presentation. 

Jessica Miller said that RB had the posters that were submitted this year and were judged. The winners were sent their award and prize money. 

Checkbook Audit
Was completed by Diane Wynne and Jessica Miller at the February meeting and found the checkbook is balanced and in order.

Fire Fighters Memorial Service 
The services that were to be held in May have been rescheduled for October 10-11. 

Old Business
Carissa Thompson said that the Media Policy is still being worked on. They are looking at ways to be able to broadcast a meeting for those who are unable to attend meetings.

New Business

Past Presidents were unable to attend so Ann Jones read the names and positions that are being nominated. Ann asked if there were any nominations from the floor. There were no nominations from the floor so the names that were submitted were accepted. Ann Jones swore the new officers in and presented the 2020-2021 officers to the members. 

The 2020-2021 Officers are President Jessica Miller, Norborne FPD; 1st Vice President Diane Wynne, Galt FDS; 2nd Vice President Sheri Berendzen, Cole County FPD; Secretary/Treasurer Theresa Cox, Wentzville FPD; Historian Carissa Thompson, Holts Summit FPD; Sergeant at Arms Joni Fields, Paris FPD.

Angie Fields made a motion to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Carissa Thompson. All in favor, motion passed. Meeting adjourned at 9:42 a.m. The next meeting is to be October 4, 2020, at 9:00 a.m. and held in Sedalia, MO.

Respectfully Submitted,
Sheri Berendzen
Cole County FPD
FFAM Auxiliary Secretary-Treasurer