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Mutual Aid Update

Thank you to the entire FFAM family for allowing me the opportunity to meet the board and auxiliary back on June 7, and for extending the invitation to be a part of this newsletter, providing a forum to share valuable information to each of you!

A quick snapshot of me, I am a 33-year veteran of the Missouri fire service, serving in volunteer, career, and military departments. I retired from the Columbia Fire Department in October 2019. Almost immediately, I was brought into the Missouri Division of Fire Safety as the Program Manager for the Fire Fighter I/II, and Hazardous Materials programs. On April 6, 2020, I was promoted to Statewide Fire Mutual Aid Coordinator. My move into this new position certainly came at a very challenging time for Missouri and the Missouri fire service. COVID-19/PPE, followed by civil unrest, and a tropical depression were just the first sixty days of my “trial by fire.” To those who have reached out and helped guide me through the last ten weeks, fire chiefs, regional coordinators, Matt Luetkemeyer, Chief Bean, and former co-workers, I cannot thank you enough.
With the gradual reopening of the state, it is allowing me to get out to some of the regional chiefs meetings and meet you folks in person!

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New 3000 Gallon Tanker For Cole County FPD

The Cole County Fire Protection District has received a new 3000-gallon tanker manufacturer by Danko Emergency Equipment. The tanker took ten months to produce. This is the first large purchase since the voters in Cole, Miller, and Osage counties approved a tax increase for the district. This is the first tax increase since the district was formed in April 1993. As promised, the tanker will replace a 35-year-old piece of equipment. As funds become available the District will continue to replace trucks that are over ten years old.

The tanker will be stationed at Station 4 on Monticello Road which gives the tanker versatility to respond to any part of the District in a timely matter. The tanker will enhance the ability to deliver much-needed water to rural areas with no fire hydrants. The tanker can dump the full 3000 gallons in two minutes into a 3000-gallon portable tank, which came with the tanker. The new tanker will complement the District’s fleet of tankers to provide much-needed water on a fire scene. We will continue to be progressive when purchasing equipment for the firefighters to protect the citizens in the District.

Hoskins Promoted to Fire Chief

Fair Grove Fire Protection District is pleased to announce the promotion of Randall Hoskins to Fire Chief. Mr. Hoskins joined Fair Grove Fire as a volunteer in 2009 after graduating from Fair Grove High School. He left the Fair Grove area for the opportunity to further his fire service career as a firefighter in Parsons, Kansas, and Rogersville, Missouri. After returning to the area, in 2013 he was hired at Fair Grove Fire as a firefighter, he moved up the ranks as a Captain and then Assistant Fire Chief. He was promoted to Fire Chief on March 12, 2020. Mr. Hoskins lives in Fair Grove with his wife and two daughters.

Granite Mountain Hotshot Survivor to Speak in Missouri

On June 30, 2013, nineteen members of the Granite Mountain Hotshot fire team out of Prescott, Arizona, gave the ultimate sacrifice fighting the Yarnell Hill fire in Arizona. The Missouri Fire Funeral Assistant Team went to Prescott, Arizona, to assist with the funerals.

One of the Hotshots was 29-year-old, Andrew Ashcraft. Andrew was 29 at the time of his death. He left a wife and four children.

The Missouri EMS Funeral Team and the Missouri Fire Service Funeral Assistance Team are proud and honored to announce that the keynote speaker and special guest at their conference in October will be Andrew’s wife, Ms. Juliann Ashcraft.

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Mapaville FPD Live Fire Training

The Mapaville Fire Protection District has been utilizing a vacant house on Highway Z for “hands-on” fire training. The homeowner graciously allowed free reign to use this structure for any training that was needed.

The residential structure has been available to the Mapaville Fire Protection District and surrounding fire districts and departments since August of 2019 for personnel to hone their skills on various techniques such as breaching walls and ceilings, ventilation, fire attack, and search and rescue. Local firefighters have spent many hours performing training evolutions in this house.

On Saturday, June 20, the Mapaville Fire Protection District along with personnel from the Goldman and DeSoto Rural Fire Protection Districts conducted a controlled live fire burn to practice fire hose deployment, water supply, fireground strategies, and communications for firefighters to gain more experience in these practices. After the training evolutions were complete, the structure was allowed to burn completely.

Photos by Mapaville Fire Protection District Photographer Barb Brown

We have received support and assistance from Woodard Fire Restoration.

History’s Corner – March 2020

I can’t believe it’s been fifty years
The Boone County Fire Protection District
Formed by voters on July 11, 1970

Someone told me once that, “time flies when you are havin’ fun.” I cannot think of anything that would be more fun than creating a fire department where there has never been one in the past. That is what happened in Columbia, Missouri, but it started several years before the date stated in the title of the article.

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A Message From The 1st VP – July 2020

I am not sure if I took a longer nap than I thought, but did I miss the convention? It was certainly unfortunate that the convention had to be postponed and then canceled after all the hard work the folks in Kearney put into making it an event to remember. My thanks to everyone involved in the planning for the event as I know what commitment that takes. With the cancellation, it looks like we will be holding the annual meeting at the August 9, 2020, Board Meeting in Sedalia at the fair fire station. If you have the opportunity, join us.

I would like to visit with you in this article a little bit about “doing the right thing.” This topic was discussed in a recent training I attended and brought about some additional thoughts beyond what that training was focused on. When you hear the words “doing the right thing” what comes to mind? Does your mind see the picture of the diligent Boy Scout escorting the little old citizen across the street? Do you envision a world where there is no “evil” and everyone acts in the best interest of their fellow citizen? Do you conjure up memories of being rewarded because you did your chores without being told? We called that “getting to eat supper” Do you see the image of a gallant knight galloping through some mid-evil time to rescue the damsel in distress?

No matter where your mind goes when you hear those four words we all have some concept of doing the right thing. The point that sometimes can be a bit blurred is who gets to determine what the “right thing” actually is? There is not an easy answer for that and each instance dictates what the right thing is and that is compounded further by the person making that decision. What one person may think is the right thing can often vary greatly from the next person and due to that we can often develop conflict in our lives or departments by taking actions not completely embraced as being the right thing.

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2020 FFAM Equipment Grant

In 2019, the FFAM offered a reimbursable equipment grant program as a benefit for FFAM member agencies for the first time. Forty FFAM member agencies submitted applications for the total $3,000 available for the entire program and three agencies were awarded $1,000 grants in the inaugural year. With the exceptional number of applications in 2019, the FFAM Awards Committee, who is tasked with overseeing the grant application process and awarding the grant, requested additional funding for 2020.

The 2020 budget allocated $5,000 to be available for the equipment grant program. 32 agencies submitted applications for the 2020 grant with these agencies having budgets ranging from nearly no guaranteed annual funding to nearly $15 million. As the Awards Committee reviewed the applications, it was determined four $1,000 grants and two $500 grants would be awarded to at least partially fund the awarded projects.

The FFAM Awards Committee is proud to announce the 2020 FFAM Equipment Grant awards:

  • Fair Grove Fire Protection District, Fair Grove, MO – $500
  • Higbee Area Fire Protection District, Higbee, MO – $1,000
  • Matthews Volunteer Fire Department, Matthews, MO – $1,000
  • Paris Rural Fire Protection District, Paris, MO – $1,000
  • Park Hills Fire Department, Park Hills, MO – $500
  • Urbana Rural Fire District, Inc., Urbana, MO – $1,000

Begin planning your applications for the 2021 grant process. Applications are due May 1, 2021, with the award(s) being made on or before July 1, 2021. As a reminder, agencies must meet FFAM membership requirements which include being FFAM members for the grant application year and the previous calendar year. If your agency is interested in applying in 2021, you must ensure the agency is a 2020 and 2021 member. For more information on the FFAM Equipment Grant, visit