Fire Fighters Association of Missouri

State Fair Volunteer Fire Department Awards

The Missouri State Fair Fire Department wants to say a big thank you to all who came to work and support the operations of the 2019 Missouri State Fair. We averaged over 60 personnel a day for a total of 683 for the 11 days of operation. We logged 2,196 hours of training, inspections and public relations at the firehouse and on the grounds. Total manpower hours would be 16,392 hours the staff was available for calls on duty. Our final runs for 2019 were 124 EMS incidents, 13 fire incidents and 31 standbys. That gives us an idea of the dedication of all the volunteers that give their time and talents to form the fire department each year. The kitchen staff has a big job to nourish the crews along with the Missouri State Highway Patrol and security officers that stop in to cool off in our kitchen area. It is an amazing feat to form a fire department, EMS service and first aid unit that all fair attendees can use for no charge to them each year. We also are fortunate the Missouri Disaster Medical Team chose to set up a mobile medical tent next to our firehouse again this year so they can practice their skills in case a disaster hits and they must respond.

Each year we award the top individuals for their service and efforts in several categories. Junior Dispatcher of the Year went to Colton Smiley of the Galt Fire Protection District. Dispatcher of the Year went to Evan Clark of the City of St. Joseph Fire Department. EMT of the Year went to Ben Burd of the Johnson County Fire Protection District. Firefighter of the Year award went to two individuals, Dylan Farrell of the Union Fire Protection District and Ryan Smiley of the Galt Fire Protection District. Officer of the Year went to Emily Sweet of the Gower Fire Protection District.

We wish to invite any FFAM member that would like to be a part of the Missouri State Fair Fire Department to consider putting in an application for next year and stay for a few days. The experience will be one of a kind as we are the only know volunteer fire department that forms for a state fair each year and has all donated equipment and apparatus from the Fire Fighter Association of Missouri members that allow us to do our job.