Fire Fighters Association of Missouri

NVFC Update – September 2019

There are several things going on with the National Volunteer Fire Council but I will defer to just two. One directly involves the Midwest, but it will be a while in coming. The NVFC Conference Committee is trying new ideas in making the Fall Meeting more inviting to bolster attendance. They have noticed a slight drop when their Fall Meeting locations are far removed from other areas of the county or in popular but expensive regions. In the fall of 2022, they have selected a central area of the US which has a lot to offer but moderately priced hotels, food and air travel. Also very easy access by multiple interstate systems for Midwest States. Of all things, the location was actually suggested by the Assistant Director from Massachusetts. The recommendation was made to the full membership in the Spring 2019 meeting, voted on and accepted. Congratulations, the 2022 Fall meeting will be held in Kansas City, Missouri. Yes, this is three years away, but that is how NVFC rolls and a key reason they always have a great Fall Conference, a lot of advanced planning. They are still working out details of a conference hotel in proximity to the Airport or more downtown. To be clear, NVFC is hosting and running the meeting plus assuming the financial responsibility but how could we not get involved and help in away way possible. This is an opportunity to welcome a great organization and some wonderful people to our State.

In the FFAM October Board meeting, I will be introducing a motion that FFAM adopt a resolution of support to the NVFC 2022 Fall meeting in Kansas City, Missouri. Exact details of what that will involve are yet to be determined but we need to let NVFC know they have the support of our states largest fire service membership organization. Next steps will be contacting other fire service organizations to partner with FFAM and hopefully generate some interest in regional Kansas City Fire Departments to assist with some logistics prior to and during the conference.

The 2019 Fall meeting for NVFC will be in Georgia the last week of October. Rob Erdel will be representing Missouri this year. Jenny and I have a wedding that week and being the parents of the groom, we have opted to stay much closer to home. Maybe it is a sign of how the stars are aligning, but the wedding is in Kansas City!

The NVFC Membership Director 2nd VP Dallas Renfrew, has reached out to several of the states including Missouri with regard to bolstering individual NVFC membership opportunities which were followed up by a series of information webinars. I will be presenting a summary of that initiative and other NVFC information to the FFAM board of directors at the October business meeting.