Fire Fighters Association of Missouri

News From District 11 – September 2019

Greetings from the west side. I hope everyone has had a great summer even though myself and Director Thompson have no idea where summer has gone due to it coming and going so quickly. There has been a lot happening  across the state from the Missouri State Fair to the EMS conference, Margaritaville at Lake Ozark and numerous 9/11 stair climbs. Hopefully everyone has or gets to attend one of these events. 

The Missouri State Fair was successful. I would like to thank all the departments and vendors that donated apparatus and various equipment to us for the two week event. This could not be done without your support of our organization and the same thank you goes out to all the people that volunteered their time and skills for the citizens of Missouri. Please, if you missed the fun this year sign up for two days or two weeks for the 2020 fair. Applicants have until June 1, 2020, to submit their application with membership. 

We are beginning to come into brush fire season so this time of year would be a great opportunity to go over the SOG and equipment while we begin to get into cooler temperatures. Also show the new recruits no matter if you’re a volunteer or career that you’ve gotten on board over the summer. So they learn how to operate the brush units and effectively combat a woodland incident. Also don’t forget to show the Indian packs if you still use them. With the cooler evenings coming it would be excellent training to get with your neighboring departments and set up mutual aid evolutions with them before the fun outdoor training ends due to ice and temperatures. 

September 7, the 363 hunt club held its annual sporting clay shoot to raise money for the John V. Mesh memorial scholarship. Which in 2018 raised $10,000 for MDC’S Discover Nature Camp for Girls to allows under privileged girls to experience the outdoors. It is a great cause and a fun event with plenty of auction raffle items. If you and other members from your department are interested in participating in next years event you can find information at or their facebook page 363 hunt club.

Kansas City fire opened their new station #15 in September. They broke ground on May 22, 2018. This new station will provide coverage to the Northeast side of the city limits and houses a pumper and also a medic unit for their citizens and travelers in that region of highway 435 and the surrounding neighborhoods.

In other news, don’t forget to mark the calendar for the 2020 Firefighters Association of Missouri Convention and banquet that is being held in Kearney on May 1-3, 2020. Get your teams together and compete for the first place spot right here in District 11. It is always a blast at convention and this year convention is where the side of processed beef will be given away. Get your tickets from myself or another district/assistant directors. Our contact info can be found on the website. $10 gets you two chances to win and it only takes one ticket to win. Only 1,000 tickets available.

As a final thought, for those who are in a leadership role even now and again. We need to look in the mirror and reflect how we are to our crews and public that we serve, because how we project or act is a reflection of yourself and how the community sees the department. The citizens don’t remember the specific company they just remember the fire department or medical district. This is toward our crews, make sure you can say, “I’ve never put myself above someone because I have rank,” and also, “did I help everyone to become the best to their abilities?” The picture from the MO State Fair is an excellent example.