Fire Fighters Association of Missouri

Cole County Fire Protection Awards Banquet

The Cole County Fire Protection District held their 2018 Annual Service Awards Banquet.

The annual event shows appreciation to the firefighter’s for their years of service and dedication to the district.

There is another aspect that really stands out with the 2018 service awards. The District recognized six firefighters who have given 105 years of service to the district. The combined years of service of district personnel are over 1,300 years. This in itself shows the commitment to the district by its personnel in the aspects of training, call response and the rewards of helping others in their time of need.

Life Saving Award from Senator Mike Bernskoetter. From left to right are Mike Hart, Justin Braun, Jason Hammann, Matt Long and Wayne Hammann.

The following firefighters were recognized for years of service.

5 years
James Buechter, Bradley Kempker.

10 years
Adam Bashore, Jim Rademann, Bill Wirtel.

15 years
Matt Long.

50 years
Donnie Braun.

Fire Fighter of the Year
Mac Kennedy.

Officer of the Year
Gary Braun.

Special Recognition Award
Steve Cearlock.

Outstanding Community Service Award
Blake Bopp.

Deputy Chief’s “Dirty Dozen”
The following fire fighters responded to the most calls.

Justin Braun, Zack Rustemeyer, Mac Kennedy, Galen Hammann, Gary Berendzen, Gary Braun, Jason Hammann, Mike Hart, Robbie Hammann, Dakota Roth, Adam Bashore and James Buechter.

Perfect Attendance in Training Awards
Gary Braun, Galen Hammann, Robbie Hammann, Jason Hammann and Nathan Luebbering.

The District recognized the Ladies Auxiliary for their assistance to the firefighters.

50 years of service to Donnie Braun. From left to right are Rich Gordon, Gary Smith and Donnie Braun.

Life Saving Award
Firefighters Justin Braun, Jason Hammann, Matt Long and first responder Neil Sneller were fishing at the Lake of the Ozarks when they heard someone yelling in the distance. They looked around and located a boat with no operator. They heard someone yell, “I need help.” They called back to the person in the water that they were coming.

The firefighters maneuvered their boat towards the empty boat. They encountered a man hanging onto the boat near the trolling motor. The man was identified as Mr. Jim Lane from Lake Ozark. Mr. Lane had been fishing when he stubbed his toe, lost his balance and fell into the water.

Jason Hammann asked if he could swim, Mr. Lane stated he could but that at this point he was too tired and about ready to go under. Justin Braun handed Hammann a throw cushion who gave it to Mr. Lane. Hammann grabbed Mr. Lane pulling him towards their boat. Matt Long then maneuvered the boat towards the bank. Once close to the bank and in about two foot of water Mr. Lane was encouraged to stand up and walk to the shoreline. Mr. Lane grabbed a mooring cable and walked out of the water, up the bank and sat down on a rock.

Hammann went ashore to assist Mr. Lane while the others went back to retrieve Mr. Lane’s boat. While on shore Mr. Lane was encourage to take slow steady breaths until he began to feel better.
Mr. Lane made his way to his boat, stopping several times to catch his breath and was helped in. He was offered dry clothes and helped to get back to his condo. Both he refused. He thanked everyone for their help and headed home.

Mr. Lane stated if it hadn’t been for the enough of these four men coming to his rescue, he probably would not be here today. Mr. Lane was extremely grateful for their quick actions.

Each firefighter received a Missouri Senate proclamation sponsored by Senator Mike Bernskoetter for life saving.

The District is always looking for men and women who would proudly serve the community. Firefighting is a very rewarding experience helping those in need, whether it be educating children on fire safety, extricating people from vehicle accidents, to extinguishing fires. If you are interested please contact the District office at 573-634-9011.