Fire Fighters Association of Missouri

Gravois Firefighters Donation

Firefighting is a dangerous profession. A growing body of research and data shows the contributions that job related exposers have a higher risk of cancer. This same research details a number of means to lessen the risk of cancer. Two of these measures are to remove contaminated gear at the fire scene and cleanup on scene. Gravois Firefighters Association is sponsoring two projects to assist in reducing risks.

First will be to provide funds to allow for the purchase of a second protective hood, used to aid in the protection of ears, neck and face area in conjunction with the helmet. The second hood will allow for a clean hood in the event of a second fire. The cleaning is used to remove contaminates and reduce additional exposure for the firefighter.

Second will be providing funds for on scene cleaning wipes for the firefighters to clean skin from contaminates. The head, face, ears and hand cleaning are essential to prevent additional exposure until firefighters can return to firehouse for a complete cleanup.

The association feels strongly that we can help our firefighters in the prevention of cancer.