Fire Fighters Association of Missouri

Division Spotlight – JAN 2019

Becky Trapani currently serves as the Division of Fire Safety’s Deputy Chief of the Training and Certification Unit.  Becky started her fire service career as a volunteer fire fighter at Battlefield Fire Protection District. She received Fire Fighter I and II certification in December of 1995. At the time, Battlefield FPD was one of the first volunteer agencies to require all members to obtain Fire Fighter certification. She learned early on the value of accredited, professional training and certification. She relocated with her family to Jefferson City and joined the Division of Fire Safety as a Training Technician in February of 2003. She managed the Fire Fighter I and II, Driver Operator and Basic Fire Fighter programs for many years until her transition to the Fire Officer and Fire Service Instructor levels. Becky was appointed as deputy chief in February of 2017. As deputy chief, she oversees a five person staff who run programs for 27 levels of accredited certification. These duties include management of certification test banks and skill requirements, updating levels to new NFPA periodically, maintaining membership in IFSAC and Pro Board accreditation entities, registering courses, scheduling and proctoring practical skill exams and written testing opportunities.  In 2018, the Training and Certification Unit administered over 5,000 certification exams for Missouri Fire Fighters. Additionally Becky serves as the State’s point of contact for the North American Fire Training Director and the National Fire Academy. Missouri became one of only two entities in the United States to begin certification at the NFPA 1403 Live Fire Instructor level, issuing certification through IFSAC. Deputy Chief Trapani and staff are currently working on nine levels that require standard updates as well as developing a platform for Basic Fire Fighter Qualification that will meet a minimum training standard for Missouri’s fire fighters.