Fire Fighters Association of Missouri

Central Jackson CO FPD Achieves Two Goals

The Central Jackson County Fire Protection District (CJC) achieved two important goals this year that have a direct impact on our citizens, visitors, and businesses. 

In October, a presentation was made to the CJC Board of Directors by the Insurance Service Office (ISO), awarding CJC an ISO Public Protection Class (PPC) of 1, the best rating possible and effective January 1, 2019. This is based on evaluation of response, water supplies, training, fire prevention, and other capabilities to determine a risk class for residential and commercial properties, which can affect insurance costs. This new rating of one could have implications for residents and business owners, with lower rates. It can also be of benefit to community development as lower rates can make Blue Springs and Grain Valley more attractive to new businesses and allow existing businesses to stay. 

Of the approximately 47,000 fire departments looked at, CJC is one of only 329 awarded a class one rating and one of only four in Missouri. 

In August, CJC received their third accreditation from the Commission on Fire Service Accreditation. To achieve accreditation, CJC undergoes an extensive evaluation of all programs and divisions. The process looks at finances, response, public education, and training, along with other functions and compares those to a recognized standard. A team of fire chiefs from across the country then visits CJC and confirms all the information presented is accurate and factual. Once the site team leaves, a recommendation is made, and a commission hearing is held. The commission then confirms the fire department is “credible” and awards a five-year accreditation. The impact to our communities is that they can feel confident that they receive the best service possible and they can trust that CJC remains good stewards of their tax dollars. 

CJC is one of 259 agencies worldwide, six in Missouri, and seven in the Kansas City metro area. Only ninety departments carry both an ISO Class one rating and are accredited.