Fire Fighters Association of Missouri

State Fair Fire Department

We closed this fair out with much needed rain that cancelled the Sunday night races. The crews were cleaning and returning all the equipment, getting it back in good shape for the departments that allow us to use their fire equipment. It is always good to see everyone to begin the fair and hard to say good bye until next time. What a great experience we all enjoy. If you have never signed up to volunteer, please consider doing it for the 2019 Missouri State Fair Fire Department, August 8-18, 2019.

We opened the 2018 fair with personnel from forty-eight departments that signed up to volunteer for the staff of the fire department. We average a staff of seventy volunteers daily, for the ten days we are in service. Opening day we saw the annual parade and specials for all fair attendees. We participated in the parade with our equipment and special guests Smokey the bear and Sparky the fire pup. They rode in the 1929 fire engine for the route and they are always a big attention getter and favorite of the crowd during the route.

Several trainings were held during the fair for fireman and the public at the firehouse. We had fire extinguisher demonstrations that people could actually spray from an extinguisher on a live fire prop. It is always a big attention grabber for the youngsters to see the fire and get to hear how to properly use a fire extinguisher. Every year we hear from adults to kids, that this is the first time they have ever used an extinguisher. The car fire prop with live fire and extinguishment always draw a big crowd. The engine crews demonstrated extrication tools and let the people see up close the tools used for extrication. We advise them to slow down and give us room when they see emergency personnel on the highways so they are safe and we can do our job quickly and resolve the situation.

MU FRTI brought the grain bin engulfment training prop to the fair this year. All crews were able to attend their class in the morning and do the entrapment and rescue skills during the afternoon. The class was very well received by all the firefighters and staff in attendance.

Please consider signing up to work and enjoy the 2019 Missouri State Fair while being a part of the fire department. It is the only fire department that forms only for an event each year with all volunteer personnel and donated equipment. All the departments and people that make this happen each year are doing a big service for the State of Missouri and all the fair attendees. At no cost for the people that need our help. They are appreciative of the care they receive and service of all.