Fire Fighters Association of Missouri

State Fair FD Kitchen

Another FFAM Missouri State Fair EMS and Fire Department in the history books. New fire and EMS personnel, which we are always glad to see. We started our first meal on Wednesday evening August, 8, 2018.

Our liquid consumption was fifteen gallons of pink lemonade, fifteen gallons of sweet tea and five gallons of unsweetened tea in a 24 hour period. Which equaled 151 gallons of lemonade and sweet tea, 55 gallons unsweetened tea and 50 gallons of water.

We were very thankful for all the donations of food. Our group especially enjoyed the fresh tomatoes with lunch and dinner. Rice krispie treats were a favorite from all of my children even the older ones.

Some of the evening entrees: roast beef, chicken breast and thighs, taco salad, brisket, hamburgers, pork burger and sausages, tater-tot casserole, pork chops and ham steaks. Favorites cookie pudding, ice cream and all the desserts that where donated. Thanks to all.

On Tuesday we where blessed with fresh caught fried catfish and all the trimmings provided by Terry and Diane Wynn and the Galt crew a big thank you to all of those people. This is a special meal enjoyed by a lot of people even the Commissioners of the Missouri State Fair. This year a treat of ten gallons of homemade ice cream.

My very big, thank you to my kitchen angels who worked very hard to make three meals a day for an average of 265 people a day. Thank you, Ann Jones, Angie Fields, Kerri Maddox, Carla.Pettijohn, Jodi Fields and Kathy Eggen.

A special thanks to my “grill gentlemen,” Charlie Peel, Larry Eggen, Larry Jones, and Ed Daugherty. Charlie Peel and MFA grills they where life savers and made our lives much easier. Thank you to all that helped in anything that was asked of you to do. It works like one “large” family.

We where also blessed with D-Mat joining us this year. Starting on Monday, Sedalia Firemen joined us from all shifts and also Pettis County firemen. It is always a pleasure talking with State Fair Security and our Missouri State Patrol.

Again to everyone who donated food, desserts and everyone who helped in any capacity. This year we donated our unused food to the Sedalia Senior Group very much appreciated.

Here are a couple of my favorite recipes.

Rice Krispie Treats

1/4 cup butter

2- 10 ounce packages miniature marshmallows

1 – 12 ounce box rice cereal

In large microwave bowl place butter and marshmallows. Put in microwave for two minutes remove and stir if not melted put back in for two minute or until melted. Remove, add cereal until coated. Pour into buttered baking sheet pan, spread out and enjoy.


4 large boxes instant chocolate or vanilla pudding

1 -16 ounce Cool Whip

1 vanilla or chocolate cookies package

Prepare pudding according to package. Place cookies in plastic bags and smash. In a clear bowl start with smashed cookies next cool whip then pudding, layer until you run out, top with Cool Whip.

This is a very easy dessert and very pretty and very good. Enjoy.

See you in August 2019