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Greetings From District 9 – 09-2018

Well it hasn’t cooled down much yet in our part of the state but the leaves are starting to get a little bit lighter in color and actually beginning to fall. A sure sign that Fall is coming soon! Time seems to be going by so fast it seems like only a couple months ago the new year was starting. Guess I’m getting old!

We are excited here at West Plains with the addition of our new training facility. We have never had such a facility that will take care of most all our training needs. We will also be able to host any NFPA 1403 certification testing if the DFS or MU FRTI has the need in south central Missouri. We welcome any of our neighboring departments to come and make use of the facility. We have 83 fire departments in our region so if you don’t mind doing a little traveling, “Come see us!”

We spent last Saturday with some of our neighboring departments raising money for the MDA Boot Drive. Thanks Howell County Rural, Lanton, Pomona, and Pumpkin Center Fire Departments for helping us raise $6545 for MDA!

Until next time, everyone please stay safe and healthy!

Firefighters help newborn into the world

Firefighter Keith Terry holds 2-month-old Greyson Schuster, whom he helped deliver during an emergency call June 6 at a home off Highway J in Lincoln County. Greyson was born several months premature, but is doing well and came with family to visit Fire House 1 in Wright City Aug. 9. Photo credit: Adam Rollins

Firefighter Keith Terry held baby Greyson Schuster for the second time in his life in early August, not long after Greyson was released from two months in the hospital.

The first time Terry held the baby boy, he said Greyson was smaller than his shoe.

To be fair, Terry wears a size 13 shoe. But Greyson was tiny on the day he entered the world, 2 1/2 months ahead of schedule. He was 13 inches long and a little less than 3 pounds.

Terry met Greyson was when he and a crew of Wright City firefighters helped mother Bethany Schuster deliver the baby on June 6, 2018. She was due to give birth August 21.

Even though Greyson wasn’t quite ready for it, along he came anyway, catching Bethany by surprise at home with her family.

“I had been having contraction all day and didn’t know it,” said Bethany, who is a first-time mother. About an hour after visiting the hospital and being sent home, she was on the floor of the bathroom giving birth. Continue Reading →

In The Beginning…The Westran FPD

Starting fresh and from scratch can be difficult, challenging, overwhelming, but most of all, ultimately, extremely rewarding. That is the short version of the formation of the Westran Fire Protection District (WFPD) located in West Randolph County, Missouri, in 2015.

The WFPD provides fire protection, emergency services, and community outreach activities to 160 square miles, 102,000 acres, in West Randolph County including Huntsville, Clifton Hill, Darksville, Thomas Hill, Mt. Airy, Mac’s Cove, and AECI Power Plant. It serves over 4,000 residents; the students and three school buildings of the Westran School system; ten churches; the Randolph County Justice Center and Jail Division; the new Randolph County Administration Complex in Huntsville, the County seat; daycare and assisted living facilities; apartment complexes and trailer parks; and retail and manufacturing businesses.

On August 4, 2009, a ballot issue to form the WFPD failed to pass. With the hard work and dedication of the West Randolph Rural Fire Association (WRRFA) Board; Huntsville City Council; volunteer firefighters; Fire Chief Jeff Webster and his wife Debbie; and many concerned citizens, on August 4, 2015, voters approved formation of the WFPD and passed a $.30 tax levy. The district was incorporated on August 12, 2015. Continue Reading →

Greetings from District 4 – 09-2018

Traditionally Labor Day has been the official end to the Summer season. I hope that everyone has had a fun time and was able to take that family vacation somewhere or enjoy the great outdoors on one of our many lakes and waterways. As schools start back in session let’s remember to allow for a little extra time for our travels as we will be encountering school buses and students walking to school. As many of you know I again had the privilege of working at the Missouri State Fair Fire Department this year as the captain of EMS, we saw a total of 156 calls for service, and 132 patrons of the fair walk in to our First Aid Station. I would like to extend a huge thank you to all who worked at the fair this year for the hard work and dedication to not only this organization but to the patrons of the fair. I would like to also say a great big thank you to Joyce Thompson, Angie Fields, Charlie Peel, Ann Jones, and all the other wonderful people who helped with the cooking and meal preparing to make sure we were well fed and did not leave hungry.

On September 8, 2018, the second annual Missouri State Fire Marshal 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb took place in Jefferson City. I want to say thank you to everyone who climbed in remembrance of the 343 brothers who paid the ultimate sacrifice that day, proceeds from this event went to the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation.

On September 11, Knob Noster Fire Department held their annual ceremony in remembrance of 9/11 at the City Hall.

Be on the lookout for the Membership renewal packets which will be coming out around October, if you have any questions please feel free to contact me at 660-221-6161. If you would like for me to come and visit your department to explain the benefits or to be present at an event that your department is hosting please contact me and I will try my best to attend.

Stay Safe and God Bless.

State Fair Fire Department

We closed this fair out with much needed rain that cancelled the Sunday night races. The crews were cleaning and returning all the equipment, getting it back in good shape for the departments that allow us to use their fire equipment. It is always good to see everyone to begin the fair and hard to say good bye until next time. What a great experience we all enjoy. If you have never signed up to volunteer, please consider doing it for the 2019 Missouri State Fair Fire Department, August 8-18, 2019.

We opened the 2018 fair with personnel from forty-eight departments that signed up to volunteer for the staff of the fire department. We average a staff of seventy volunteers daily, for the ten days we are in service. Opening day we saw the annual parade and specials for all fair attendees. We participated in the parade with our equipment and special guests Smokey the bear and Sparky the fire pup. They rode in the 1929 fire engine for the route and they are always a big attention getter and favorite of the crowd during the route.

Several trainings were held during the fair for fireman and the public at the firehouse. We had fire extinguisher demonstrations that people could actually spray from an extinguisher on a live fire prop. It is always a big attention grabber for the youngsters to see the fire and get to hear how to properly use a fire extinguisher. Every year we hear from adults to kids, that this is the first time they have ever used an extinguisher. The car fire prop with live fire and extinguishment always draw a big crowd. The engine crews demonstrated extrication tools and let the people see up close the tools used for extrication. We advise them to slow down and give us room when they see emergency personnel on the highways so they are safe and we can do our job quickly and resolve the situation. Continue Reading →

Greetings From the State Fair

The State Fair Fire Department has another year in the books. I would first like to say, thank you to all of you who helped out with donations to the EMS division after our flood last winter. Without your support and generous donations we would not be able to provide the exceptional service that the fair and its patrons have come to expect from our organization. This year we have seen a total of 156 calls for service and seen 132 patrons who walked into our First Aid Station. I would like to thank SEMA, Kevin Tweedy, and DMAT for all of their assistance during the operation of the fair this year and hope to have you back next year. A big congratulations goes out to Terry Plumb of Southern Stone County Fire Protection District for being named the chief for next year and congratulations to Donnie Rogers on his last year as chief of the department.

Without the hard work and dedication of the personnel who come and work the fair each year, our operation would not be a success. I wish we could give an award to each and every one of you to show our appreciation. Special recognition this year was given to Kegan Wilson of the Johnson County Fire Protection District and Johnson County Ambulance District. Kegan was presented with the EMS of the year award for his outstanding commitment and dedication to the operation. Kegan has graciously stepped up and helped out with our training in the EMS Division the last two years and has obtained EMS CEU’s through his employer JCAD for all of the personnel who work the EMS division. Kegan also helped with the remodel of the First Aid Station by helping me remove the old cabinets and install new ones. It was an honor to nominate him for this award and to give him the recognition for going above and beyond in service to the department and the patrons of the fair. Continue Reading →

State Fair FD Kitchen

Another FFAM Missouri State Fair EMS and Fire Department in the history books. New fire and EMS personnel, which we are always glad to see. We started our first meal on Wednesday evening August, 8, 2018.

Our liquid consumption was fifteen gallons of pink lemonade, fifteen gallons of sweet tea and five gallons of unsweetened tea in a 24 hour period. Which equaled 151 gallons of lemonade and sweet tea, 55 gallons unsweetened tea and 50 gallons of water.

We were very thankful for all the donations of food. Our group especially enjoyed the fresh tomatoes with lunch and dinner. Rice krispie treats were a favorite from all of my children even the older ones. Continue Reading →

News From District 7 – 09-2018

President Kenneth Hoover presenting Kiya Smith, from Ms. McManus’ 4th Grade at Hawthorne Elementary School in Mexico, Missouri, with a check and her winning poster. Kiya Smith’s parents are Korey and Amanda Smith and April Smith. Kiya’s father is a firefighter with the Little Dixie Fire Protection District.

Hello and greetings from District 7 and the east side of the state. I hope everyone had a great safe summer with family and friends.

Where has the time gone? Can you believe that summer is almost over? School has started, and the Missouri State Fair is in the history book. I have to say to the ones that didn’t attend the fair this year, you all missed a great time! The first Saturday was a busy time for the Missouri State Fair Fire Department, with the crowd and the heat, the crews kept busy. This year we had many new faces to help man the station and I want to say thank you for a great job. I can’t wait to see you all next year. Thank you to the seasoned members that showed the new faces around the station and made them feel at home and part of the team and family. I hope when the rookies got home they told of all that happens at the state fair and they return next year and bring a few more colleagues with them. A great job by all because it takes everyone to make it happen and without the member departments and districts that allow us to use their equipment, we could not have the only eleven day fire department in the nation. So thank you to all that donated. This was Chief Rogers last year as fire chief and a big thank you to Donnie for a job well done. Congratulations to the new Fire Chief Terry Plumb. While I’m sending congratulations, I need to congratulate all the award winners. In my eyes each one is a winner. Continue Reading →