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History’s Corner – July 2018


Springfield’s earliest days as a community included a volunteer fire department organized in the 1840’s, beginning a rich history of service, compassion and valor.

On August 9, 1847, the City Council and the Fire Commission drew up an ordinance to form the first recorded Ladder Company to cover the City of Springfield. The company consisted of seventeen members, a hand full of painters’ ladders, and a two-wheeled cart that was pulled by two of the members. The seventeen members served as volunteers without pay, uniforms, or firefighting gear. Fires were fought in whatever clothes the men were wearing at the time. The men were highly respected by the community and in return, they took deep pride in the service they provided. Continue Reading →

Ground-Breaking Event for Missouri Firefighters

Following the 2018 Firefighter Memorial Services, the sun came out and provided a beautiful day for a ground-breaking! People gathered at the future museum site, brought shovels and dug earth! We are excited for this museum and expect great things to come soon. Many people, past and present, were mentioned that have made a huge impact on this project. It was a great end to the memorial services. Pictured are the Memorial Foundation members. Continue Reading →

2018 Memorial Services Photos

South Metropolitan FPD Firefighters Memorial

I am going to attempt to explain the time-line and process as to how this memorial project came about. The need and the people that came together to help us create such a wonderful monument.

It was mid-summer of 2017, when discussion were held with Chief Lee Stevens, Chief 1, and myself in regards to the need to have the memorial plan become a reality. At this point Chief Stevens handed the project over for completion and oversight out of my office. When the project was approved to move on we went out and made contact with local Boy Scout Troop 32. We were very lucky to have a grandson of a previous South Metro Fire Department member, Robby Keays, accept the challenge for his own Eagle Scout project. We decided to have several pre meetings to make sure, his Eagle Scout project would be followed correctly, and that his focus would be to create, and provide the walkway for the memorial grounds. When the first meeting was done, we nicknamed his portion of the memorial project, “Paving the Way.” Continue Reading →

Carroll County Tanker Shuttle

Practice, practice, practice! That’s what training is all about and with the warm weather of the Summer comes more opportunities for outdoor training. That is exactly what happened on Saturday, June 23, in the Village of Tina, Missouri. With Bogard, Missouri, being geographically in the center of Carroll County and the headquarters of North Central Carroll Fire Protection District, my department is called upon a lot to help our neighboring departments in Automatic Mutual Aid. We are a very rural agricultural community operating Station 1 in Bogard and Station 2 in Tina. The water source we have for rural fires is mostly ponds. We have several dry hydrants throughout the county.

Since water has to be hauled to the fire by tankers, we train for water shuttle operations. On Saturday, June 23, we ran a drill. We pretended that the Tina Community Center was the fire. Carroll County E-911 toned out North Central as a drill, then per Automatic Mutual Aid protocols, toned out the surrounding departments for tankers. Tankers from Norborne FD, Stet FD, Carrollton FD, and the two from our own department participated in the two hour drill. Tankers dumped water into two port-a-tanks at the Tina community center. Then traveled approximately four miles to the fill-site at a dry hydrant where an engine refilled them. During the two hour drill, five tankers shuttled 30,000 gallons of water equating to pumping 250 gallons per minute. I feel the drill was a huge success. It was a success because of training and networking with surrounding departments. We depend on each other. Thanks to all who participated. Continue Reading →

Auxiliary Minutes – July 2018

Meeting called to order by President Diane Hanes at 9:04 a.m.

Members Present
Diane Hanes, Galt FPD; Theresa Cox, Wentzville FPD; Sheri Berendzen, Cole County FPD; Ann Jones, Madison West Monroe FD; Chris Slaughter, Warrenton FPD; Angela Fields, Paris FPD; Joan Fields, Paris FPD; Carissa Mueller, Holts Summit FPD; Kerrie Mattox, North Central Carroll FPD; Barbara Mattox, North Central Carroll FPD; Shelia Arnold, CJCFPD; Laura Peil, SEFD; Missy Erdel, Little Dixie FPD; Kay Asher, Wentzville FPD; Angela Campbell, Kansas City FD; Patricia Sharp, Kansas City FD; Dawn Eddings, Kansas City FD; and Francine Termini, Kansas City FD.

Diane asked if there were any changes or comments for the December 2017 meeting minutes. No changes were brought forward. Theresa made a motion to accept the meeting notes, seconded by Angela, motion passed. Continue Reading →

Missouri State Fair Fire Department Request

It’s getting to be that time of the year again. Keeping true to the motto of the Missouri State Fair Fire Department,  “Mutual Aid at its Best,” we are once again requesting donations of EMS supplies for the 2018 operations. As some of you know this winter we experienced a significant loss of supplies when a water pipe burst and flooded our supply closet.

Due to the nature of our operation being eleven days a year, the flooding was not found until several days after the pipe burst. The water damage resulted in a catastrophic loss of supplies. Supplies lost include all of our airway supplies, all of our bandaging equipment for bleeding control, Emergency OB kits, and other miscellaneous supplies. Being a volunteer organization we rely on donated supplies to provide a quality of care that the patrons of the fair have come to expect with an EMS response or in first aid for treatment. Continue Reading →

Safety First

Safety must be a top priority at your fire department. A major concern for any fire department is drug and alcohol use by the members. Workplace safety is severely affected when volunteers are responding or working after consuming alcohol, illicit drugs and illegally-obtained prescription medications.

  • Are volunteer firefighters regularly responding to scenes after drinking?
  • Have volunteers responded to the scene, clearly under the influence?
  • Is alcohol being used on fire department property?
  • Has drinking or impairment cause problems for your department?
  • Does management condone impaired volunteers because, “we need the help?”
  • Unfortunately, many fire departments across Missouri have not addressed alcohol use with regard to emergency responses or group events at the station.

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