Fire Fighters Association of Missouri

Bolivar City FD Earns ISO 2 Classification

The Bolivar City Fire Department (BCFD) is proud to announce that it has earned an ISO 2 Public Protection Classification (PPC) after the most recent evaluation, improving from the previous ISO 3 PPC. This PPC will take effect September of this year. BCFD received an overall score of 82.65 out of a total of 100 points, resulting in the ISO 2 PPC.

The men and women of BCFD strive every day to live our mission statement, “Our Family Helping to Serve and Protect the Lives and Property of Your Family.” Earning this ISO rating, is another validation that shows our commitment to our mission statement.

“I am incredibly proud of the hard work and sacrifice of the firefighters and staff of the Bolivar City Fire Department who have made this remarkable goal a reality. It is because of their steadfast dedication to improving the quality of life in our community, not just through emergency response, but also in working with the community in the best practices of prevention / risk reduction that makes our city such a wonderful place to live and helped us achieve this goal. The fire service is unequivocally the best career in the world, one of integrity and valor and I have the great pleasure to work with the very best firefighters who live up to these values and who also meet the demands of a very challenging day and age in the fire service exceedingly well. We are blessed and thankful at BCFD for the support of our community and everyone who assisted us to reach this goal.” Fire Chief, James Ludden