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2018 FFAM Convention Awards and Recognition

The FFAM Awards Committee thanks everyone who submitted nominations for the 2018 FFAM awards which were presented on Saturday, May 5, in St. Joseph during the annual convention. The nominations which were submitted were all excellent nominations worthy of receiving recognition in their respective award categories. These awards provide an excellent opportunity to showcase and recognize great achievements by our members.

It was an honor for the awards committee to present the following awards for 2018:

Life Saving Awards
Terry Plumb, Southern Stone County Fire Protection District
Ben Wolverton, Moberly Fire Department

Fire Department of the Year
Howell County Rural Fire District #1

Fire Fighter of the Year
Scott Nichols, Little Dixie Fire Protection District

Fire Chief of the Year
Darrell Wright, Chillicothe Fire Department Continue Reading →

Fire Prevention Poster Winners

1st and 2nd Grade Division
1st Place – Dylan Wall, Iberia FD
2nd Place – Journi Vail, Iberia FD
3rd Place – Raygen Crum, Paris FD

3rd and 4th Grade Division
1st Place – Annie Barton, Madison-West Monroe FPD
2nd Place – McKenna Shelton, Iberia FD
3rd Place – Kiya Smith, Little Dixie FPD

5th and 6th Grade Division
1st Place – Abigail Wheeler, Paris FD
2nd Place – Erica Loveit, Galt FPD
3rd Place – Karlie McGee, Madison-West Monroe FPD Continue Reading →

2018 FFAM Convention Photos

A Message from the 1st Vice President – 05-2018

Greetings to all! Well another convention has come and gone and by all accounts it was another successful event to be recorded in the history books of the FFAM. If you didn’t get the opportunity to attend this year, start making plans for next year’s convention as it is never too early to make a reservation and get the event on your calendar.

Now that convention has passed let’s talk a bit this time about rest. Seems fitting to talk about this now as we had an opportunity to rest a bit, although I am sure not everyone did, during convention. Now you might be thinking “what does rest have to do with me, or for that matter the fire service.” For the sake of this article the term rest is going to be a large all-encompassing word to cover all aspects of what you may think rest is.

The concept of rest in the fire service is somewhat obvious, but encompasses many things. Getting some sleep, relaxing, taking a break, disconnecting or recharging yourself. These are important steps to help you avoid what can at times be deadly consequences of not resting. Continue Reading →

Randolph County Fire Award Dinner Held

Chiefs Award Winners pictured left to right are Northeastern R-4 FPD Terry Watkins and Westran FPD Brian Woods. Also pictured are Fire Marshal Tim Bean and Southeastern FPD Charlie Peel. Winner Higbee FPD Chad Crawford is not pictured.

Local firefighters, supporters and friends attended the Randolph County Fire Departments Award Dinner on Saturday in Moberly, an event recognizing those men and women who work tirelessly to protect local life and property.

Captain Charlie Peel of Southeast Randolph County Fire Department said the event is a chance to show appreciation for all the brave men and women who sacrificed their time and often risk their own lives for local communities.

“We wanted to take a break to make the volunteer firefighters feel appreciated for what they do,” Peel said. “All these firefighters in the county do an outstanding job and we try to reward them in some way. We can’t do it monetarily, but we try to through these awards recognizing them for a job well done.” Continue Reading →

Redings Mill FPD Hires Six Full Time Firefighters

We would like to welcome six new full time firefighters to the Redings Mill Fire Protection District. Nathan Lipsey, Devon Maschger, Tony Frazier, Louis Surgi, Tanner Warner and Timothy Intessimone. All six come from emergency services backgrounds. Nathan and Devon were current Resident Volunteers for Redings Mill when hired. Louis is a Resident Volunteer with Carl Junction Fire Protection District, Tanner began his fire service career in the Redings Mill Resident Volunteer Program, Tony is a Paramedic with Newton County Ambulance and Tim started his career by attending Firefighter I and II certification classes at Redings Mill Fire Protection District.

The six new positions were made possible by a tax increase approved by the voters of the fire district in April of 2017. The tax increase was requested to assist with improvements to the fire district services and to slow attrition rates by increasing pay and benefits to our full time emergency responders.

Our personnel issues is the first priority we addressed by hiring six additional full time firefighters. Multiple volunteer drives completed and even free college tuition have been offered in an attempt to increase volunteer numbers. However that number has dwindled to five. Some due to being hired full time for our organization or other emergency service organizations. Others because they simply didn’t have the time to commit to our volunteer programs. Continue Reading →

MO Western’s Campus Memorial

A memorial to honor fallen emergency medical service providers in Missouri will be built at Missouri Western State University. On April 26, the University’s Board of Governors approved a 99-year lease agreement with the Missouri EMS Memorial Foundation to locate the memorial near Mitchell Avenue, on land where the President’s House once stood.

“Our organization is excited to be working with Missouri Western State University to make this vision become a reality,” said Evan Clark, vice-chairman of the Missouri EMS Memorial Foundation. “To finally have a permanent location to properly honor those members of the Missouri EMS profession who gave the ultimate sacrifice is humbling. St. Joseph was chosen as a viable option due to the city’s rich history and economic stability. Missouri Western was contacted to see if they would have any interest in helping support our organization’s vision and they have been highly dedicated and a pleasure to work with since. This campus has many great things to offer and we loved the idea of being able to have such a prime location. With this memorial’s completion Missouri will be one of only a few states to have tangible locations to honor police, fire, and EMS professionals and give our thin line families a place to remember.” Continue Reading →

Protective Actions Help

While concerns regarding the exposure to carcinogens are common to both career and volunteer firefighters, the volunteer and combination fire service have some specific challenges that are different and need to be addressed.

Volunteers regularly transport contaminated PPE and other gear in their personal vehicles, thereby exposing themselves and their family members to carcinogens. Because they may return home or go back to work directly after a fire, they often continue to wear their personal clothing, which will stay contaminated.

It is not acceptable to return from a medical call with blood or vomitus on our clothing and then sit back down at work or return to the dinner table at home. The same concern should be exercised after returning from a fire: gear must be cleaned, clothing must be washed and showers must be taken, before returning to work or family activities to reduce carcinogenic exposure.  Many volunteers carry their PPE in their personal vehicle, often in the trunk or even in the vehicle’s passenger compartment. Handling PPE in this manner facilitates the off-gassing of toxins and carcinogens, especially when the PPE is heated by elevated temperatures from the sun. Continue Reading →