Fire Fighters Association of Missouri

Redings Mill FPD Hires Six Full Time Firefighters

We would like to welcome six new full time firefighters to the Redings Mill Fire Protection District. Nathan Lipsey, Devon Maschger, Tony Frazier, Louis Surgi, Tanner Warner and Timothy Intessimone. All six come from emergency services backgrounds. Nathan and Devon were current Resident Volunteers for Redings Mill when hired. Louis is a Resident Volunteer with Carl Junction Fire Protection District, Tanner began his fire service career in the Redings Mill Resident Volunteer Program, Tony is a Paramedic with Newton County Ambulance and Tim started his career by attending Firefighter I and II certification classes at Redings Mill Fire Protection District.

The six new positions were made possible by a tax increase approved by the voters of the fire district in April of 2017. The tax increase was requested to assist with improvements to the fire district services and to slow attrition rates by increasing pay and benefits to our full time emergency responders.

Our personnel issues is the first priority we addressed by hiring six additional full time firefighters. Multiple volunteer drives completed and even free college tuition have been offered in an attempt to increase volunteer numbers. However that number has dwindled to five. Some due to being hired full time for our organization or other emergency service organizations. Others because they simply didn’t have the time to commit to our volunteer programs.

Attrition rates of full time staff had continued to be an issue due to low pay compared to other emergency response agencies. Over the past ten years, eleven full time firefighters have left to join other emergency service organizations that offered better pay and benefits. This has been addressed by increasing our pay and benefits.

There is still a lot going on in our family’s future. This includes constructing two new fire stations and hiring three additional full time firefighters over the next four years. Do you live in our fire district and want to become part of it. Call or come by to find out how!