Fire Fighters Association of Missouri

Santa Visits Knob Noster Fire Department

On December 16, the Knob Noster Fire Department (KNFD) made their annual trip through the Knob Noster Community escorting Santa Claus and delivering gifts to local children.

This year there were 42 scheduled stops at local address and numerous unscheduled stops to greet all of the kids that came out of their homes to greet Santa.

This annual event started in 1991 with 10 to 12 stops and has blossomed into one of the most exciting evenings the residents of Knob Noster enjoy during the Christmas season.

KNFD collects gifts, which have been dropped off by parents, at Knob Noster City Hall on the Friday before the event. The gifts are then sorted by street address so that a route can be planned for the following evening.

Bright and early on Saturday morning, fire fighters put together a temporary route plugging in little details such as dead end streets and houses with no house numbers so that the correct address can be located after dark. Some small notes such as Santa decoration hanging from bedroom ledge on the front of the house helped KNFD with locating each of the 42 deliveries. Then the route is driven in a by car to make sure that all of the locations are easy to find and how many fire fighters will be needed to turn trucks around and safely navigate our city streets.

This year’s route was a little over 15 miles. Along with regular stops, many residents came out to greet Santa and take pictures. It took the Knob Noster Fire Department just under 4 hours to complete the nights run. At times there were so many kids coming out to greet our procession that Santa and his Elf walked down the street in front of the Fire Trucks to make sure that every child and adult was greeted. Whether a child gets a gift or not Santa always has a treat. He had a stash of just over 150 candy canes this year.

The Knob Noster Fire Department would like to thank the community for their support and donations over the past year. We look forward to seeing all of you next year.