Fire Fighters Association of Missouri

Riverside FD Receives Grant

Riverside Fire Department’s latest grant will supply its firefighter’s with new state of the art PPE ensembles. Not only will this fire gear allow firefighters to combat fires with less physical exertion but it will also help to prevent cancer, a leading killer of today’s firefighters.

The gear will be purchased through a $22,700 grant from Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation. The grant will purchase eight new Fire Dex PPE Ensembles and the department will be purchasing four additional sets. The ensembles will consist of one full set of structural fire “bunker” gear, one set of rescue gear, and a particulate hood for each firefighter.

With the new gear Riverside will adopt a Cancer Prevention Policy which will limit each firefighter’s time in their structural turnout gear. The new gear will keep the firefighters out of gear that has been exposed to deadly carcinogens and allow the gear to be cleaned prior to the next use. With the addition of the rescue gear firefighters will not only be protecting themselves but also members of the community by limiting exposure to the structural gear. The hood of the ensemble is new technology made of materials that will protect the firefighter’s head and neck area from carcinogens.

Riverside Fire Department received approval from the Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation on October 2, 2017. We are currently working on fitting our firefighters for the gear. We are extremely grateful for the generosity of the Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation. What they have invested in will not only help protect the citizens of our community but will also afford our firefighters the ability to live long and healthy lives.


In 2005, the Firehouse Subs founders established the Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation with the mission of providing funding, life-saving equipment, and educational opportunities to first-responders and public safety organizations. Through the non-profit 501(c) (3), Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation has granted more than $29.5 million to hometown heroes in 46 states, Puerto Rico and Canada, including more than $831,000 in Missouri.