Fire Fighters Association of Missouri

News From District 7

Hello from District 7, the east side of the state. I hope everyone had a great and safe Christmas. As we say goodbye to 2017, let’s remember all the brave men and women who gave all. They are watching over us so please be with their families. We are in a new year so let’s make 2018 the best year yet and get the most out of training and encourage districts and departments that are not FFAM members to join the best firefighter’s association in the state!

As I’m typing I can hear the wind blowing at the house. The outside temperature is a balmy 14° with a wind chill of -10° so when you’re out, be sure to bundle up in layers, make sure your automobile is ready for the cold, pack extra water and blankets and carry kitty litter or ice melt for extra traction. If you don’t need to be out, stay inside and enjoy a hot coffee, tea or hot chocolate.

With the new year approaching, it also means that Winter Fire School is coming up. I hope everyone takes advantage and signs up for classes and gets the opportunity to attend the exposition. There are always lots of great deals.

During the first weekend in May, the FFAM’s annual convention will be in St. Joseph. I hope that every district director has posters for the contest and the auxiliary will be busy judging the masterpieces. Remember to go to the website and check out the poster contest rules so your local departments and schools can participate. The more, the better!

I challenge ever member to make the new year the best year they have ever had. Let’s make it safe by training at fire school and fun at convention, and the state fair.

State fair applications are in this newsletter and on the website. Be sure to read and fill them out correctly and get them sent in early. Until we meet again…