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What is a Line of Duty Death?

This year has been exceptionally busy for our funeral assistance team. As of October 1, we have handled four line of duty deaths in our state, and assisted Iowa with two. This is in addition to the numerous calls to honor our public safety officers who have also died, but not in the line of duty.

We feel it is very important to appropriately honor those who serve. You have seen me write about appropriateness of honors, and insuring we honor in a consistent and appropriate manner. In this article, I want to discuss some of the nuances regarding line of duty deaths. While it may seem very simple, it truly is a very difficult topic, and one that is greatly misunderstood. Continue Reading →

A Message from the 2nd Vice President

Greetings, I hope this article finds you, your family, and your department doing well. The season of fall is upon us, temperatures are cooler and if your in an agriculture community, many of the farmers are finishing up with harvest.

The FFAM is busy this time of year as the committees have been preparing their budgets for the budget committee to be approved by the board at the December meeting. If you have any questions about the budget please contact your director for your area. Continue Reading →

Updates on Firefighter Cancer

Current research demonstrates an increased risk for a number of types of cancer among firefighters. Although most fire departments are responding to fewer fires than in the past, the amount of exposure time has increased due to the limited number of available firefighters, either due to budget cuts, staffing reductions or the availability of volunteers.

Today’s fires grow at a much more rapid rate than yesterday’s fires while exposing firefighters to significantly increased concentrations of highly carcinogenic agents. Today’s residential fires have more in common with hazardous materials events than old-fashioned house fires due to the materials now common in homes such as plastics and synthetics. Commercial and vehicle fires have highly concentrated toxicants and dumpster fires contain completely unknown substances and toxicants. Continue Reading →

News From District 7

The holiday season is one of great joy as we look forward to spending time with family and friends. And while the winter holidays are a time for great celebration, we must also be mindful of some of the hazards this time of year can bring. As you prepare for the holidays, whether trimming the tree, setting up decorations, shopping or traveling; here are some helpful tips to keep you and your family safe.

When trimming the tree, make sure that the lights you are using are in good condition with no frayed cords or loose wires. It is also important that you not connect too many light stands or extension cords together, or have too many connections into one socket. Be sure to turn the tree lights off when you are not at home or are going to sleep. If the tree is fresh, make sure that it is properly watered so that the branches do not dry out and become a potential fire hazard. Continue Reading →

Winter Safety on the Scene and at the Station

Whether you like it or not, winter is headed our way. In an effort to prevent injuries, fire departments across Missouri are encouraged to make preparations at the station, on the trucks and with PPE issued to the firefighters. Slips, trips and falls are one of the most common types of firefighter injury, and are very costly in personnel and finances. With an average lost time injury totaling near $40,000, fire departments across Missouri are encouraged to prevent slips, trips and falls.

This article is written in checklist format to provide fire departments with strategies for preventing slip, trip and fall injuries during winter months. Continue Reading →

NVFC Update – November 2017

Greg Wright and I had the privilege to attend the fall meeting of the NVFC in Kearny, NE, on September 27-29. North Dakota will be hosting in 2018, and Georgia in 2019. Greg and I both serve on the Health and Safety Committee. I also serve on the Recruitment and Retention Committee. Committee members are required to attend their assignment but outside of that Greg and I divided our time over the remaining 14 NVFC committee meetings. All State appointment directors and assistant directors are allowed to set in, ask questions and suggest their opinions on any committee and involved with Q/A, but only committee members vote, it is essentially an open forum to all States through process. Committee decisions can be over turned by the combined council but their hard work on the front end seldom comes to that. Continue Reading →

Meeting Minutes – November 2017

Vice President Larry Jennings called the meeting of the Board of Directors of the Fire Fighters Association of Missouri to order at 9:00 a.m., Sunday, Ocotber 1, 2017, at the Missouri State Fair Fire Department in Sedalia, MO.

Roll Call of Board of Directors and other officials:

First Vice President Larry Jennings, Johnson County FPD; Second Vice President Grant Oetting, Higginsville FPD; Secretary Treasurer Jaime Miller, Johnson County FPD #2. Continue Reading →

Fire Marshal’s Update – November 2017

Greetings from the thirteenth floor! “Every Second Counts Know 2-Ways Out,” just in case anyone in the Missouri Fire service missed Fire Prevention Week, on October 8-14, that is the theme for this year. I posted several pictures promoting fire prevention week in my own way with facebook posts, but kind-a got a scolding from one of my good friends (Cindy), who stated “Chief it’s fire prevention all year long!” I agree Cindy! I hope we as the Missouri Fire Service can say we promote fire prevention all year long!

We celebrated the Division of Fire Safety’s 45th anniversary on Wednesday October 25, with a noon pot-luck lunch. We discussed it around the office and decided to have a big blow out for the 50th. We were honored to have former Fire Marshal’s Bill Farr and Randy Cole join us. I have added some pictures from the 25th anniversary for your entertainment, enjoy! Thanks for everyone across our state that have supported the Division of Fire Safety for the last 45 years! Continue Reading →