Fire Fighters Association of Missouri

Osage River Mile Markers Installed

Recently the Linn Fire Protection District started marking the Osage River with mile markers. They have installed mile markers on the first thirty miles starting at the mouth of the Osage River where it flows into the Missouri River.

This past weekend Cole County and Osage Fire Protection District personnel traveled by boat to install mile markers to mile marker 48 on the Osage River. Both fire districts provide service along a 48 mile section of the Osage River in Cole and Miller County. The last mile marker installed is located near the St. Elizabeth area.

Future visions are for other fire districts along the Osage River to place mile markers all the way to Bagnell Dam in Lake Ozark.

The mile markers are two by two foot square metal construction with black numbers on a white reflective background. The signs were manufacturer by the Cole County Public Works. The signs were affixed to trees along the river on what’s termed as the “river left” of the river coming from the mouth of the Osage River heading upstream towards the Bagnell Dam.

The joint effort between the Osage and Cole County Fire Protection Districts is to help boaters recognize their location on the Osage River. The fire districts feel by marking the river, it will be beneficial to travelers who need help when an emergency occurs. The mile markers will also afford first responders a faster response time to provide care to those in need. The signage is similar to the interstate mile makers who help guide first responders to the correct location.

Many events occur on the Osage River including the Three Rivers Run to benefit the Tri-County YMCA from Bagnell Dam to the Gateway Arch, kayak races, fishing, and normal boating activities.
If you have any questions please contact Steve Cearlock, Public Information Officer, Cole County Fire Protection District, 573-635-0966.