Fire Fighters Association of Missouri

NVFC Update – July 2017

As Fire Marshal Tim Bean discussed during the Sunday board meeting at convention and again at the June directors meeting there is a conversation underway on a minimum training standard. NVFC is also taking up that issue, having asked some questions and attempting to get a better understanding of this across the nation. This will perhaps start a genuine conversation on this important topic at a national level. I find some comfort in both the local and national process of starting with a minimum that is reasonable and obtainable versus heading straight to the highest mark available. This in no way detracts from the utmost encouragement to pursue Firefighter I and II, plus several allied certifications but there are certain realities that are just going to be what they are. Doing nothing, leaves nothing, but doing something is at least a step in the right direction of, “better than we were.” So within that narrative and as presented, how do we best protect those that are trying their level best to protect their communities? That is the discussion currently underway both in Missouri and other areas. Done correctly this can have a very good outcome.

I mentioned cancer in the memorial article and the NVFC Facebook page on being screened early and often. Cancer continues to be a high focus with NVFC because so much has been missed. There is continued movement on some legislative priorities to benefit firefighters but nothing finalized before Congress went on break. It is a very slow process in our nation’s capital for most things, especially fire service topics. We have our avid supporters and some detractors but it keeps coming back to money and that is not a favorable topic for us right now. Homeland Security and FEMA are still doing well considering, but the fire service is down the list at least for a while.

NVFC has been successful with some grants and continues to deliver their agreed upon SAFER grant services allied with recruit and retention. Also, just in case you have come across some press release articles from Delaware, the council did remove their NVFC representative which was also serving as the NVFC secretary. Some issues within his department required this action until it is resolved. The highest of standards apply to everyone and there are no exceptions to anyone.