Fire Fighters Association of Missouri

Auxiliary Minutes – July 2017

FFAM Auxiliary Meeting, Sedalia, Missouri, June 4, 2017

Meeting called to order by President Diane Hanes at 8:58 a.m.

Introduction of Officers

President Diane Hanes, Galt FPD; Theresa Cox, Wentzville FPD; Sheri Berendzen, Cole County FPD; Ann Jones, Madison West Monroe FD; Angela Fields, Paris FPD; Joyce Thompson, Kearney Fire Rescue; Kerrie Mattox, North Central Carroll FPD; and Chris Slaughter, Warrenton FPD.


Diane asked if there were any changes or comments for the January 2017 meeting minutes. No changes were brought forward. Ann made a motion to accept the meeting notes, seconded by Theresa, motion passed.

Financial report

There were deposits of $3,655.00 and expenses of $502.24 and the ending total of $6,479.45. Theresa made a motion to accept the financial report, seconded by Chris, motion passed.

There was a discussion on the missing Maltese Cross vases. It was decided to purchase another vase for the American and auxiliary table flags to be displayed during the meeting. Kerrie made a motion that we purchase another vase and seconded by Joyce, motion passed.

Discussion on the FFAM website. It was decided that more contact info needed to be added for each officer on the FFAM website and photos need to be updated.

Committee Reports


Theresa said no new dues were received.

Auxiliary Member of the Year

Jessica is the winner of this years award. A picture needs to be submitted to be put on the web page.


Diane discussed the process of the posters that are judged on and why so many were disqualified.


2017 convention was decided to be a success. Next years convention will be held in Chillicothe. Chillicothe does not have an auxiliary so it was discussed about the FFAM auxiliary being host auxiliary again. Joyce made a motion that the FFAM auxiliary be the host auxiliary and seconded by Theresa, motion passed


Missy was not in attendance to report but the games went smoothly. There were a fewer teams so the games ended early.


Chris has received some pictures. Chris was going to talk to Gail to see if we can get some more.


Was completed at the time of the convention and it was declared the checkbook was balanced.


Need to go thru the by-laws and rework some of the wording.

Old Business

There was no old business to discuss.

New Business

Worked on some of the wording on the first few pages of the by-laws. Need to work on the remaining pages at the next meeting in August.

Kerrie made a motion to adjourn the meeting seconded by Angela, motion passed. Meeting adjourned at 11:00 a.m. Next meeting is to be August 6 in Sedalia.

Respectfully Submitted;

Sheri Berendzen,

Cole County FPD

Secretary Treasurer 2016-2017