Fire Fighters Association of Missouri

News From District 7 – May 2017

Hello from the east side of the state. Can you believe how fast time is going by! Spring has sprung and the 2017 FFAM Convention is in the history books. What I can say about the convention is, wow! What a great time and for the ones that didn’t attend you missed out on great opportunity for training, fellowship, competition and motivation.

A big thank you to the Missouri State Fair Fire Department for hosting such a grand event and a big thanks to the committee with fine leadership by Chair Larry Jennings and Co-chairperson Grant Oetting. Missouri is the Show-Me State and I feel the Missouri State Fair Fire Department showed everyone they knew what to do. It was run like a fine oiled machine; it was a great time, thank you.

Another thank you goes to Chief Jeff Buford for being in command of the shuttle service for the conventioneers providing shuttle service from the hotels to the convention. They did a great job once again in providing a service that allowed fellow firefighters to enjoy the convention without worrying about driving; thank you to all the drivers, a job well done.

This convention we said goodbye to First Vice President Fire Marshal Tim Bean and Second Vice President Charlie Neubert. Both did a fine job as chief finance officer and overseeing recruitment and membership. Thank you for all your time and dedication. As we said goodbye we opened the doors to a new First Vice President Chief Larry Jennings and Second Vice President Grant Oetting, congratulations.

Before I go any further I need to express my apologizes to the Beaufort-Leslie Fire Protection District. I over looked my notes and failed mentioning them as a district that entered the poster contest, I am sorry.

We had eighty-one posters for the ladies auxiliary to judge, thank you to the ladies for your time, a job well done. And none of this could have happened if the following fire districts, department or fire companies didn’t contact the schools. Thank you, Beaufort-Leslie, Washington, Paris, Union, Southern Stone, Iberia, Little Dixie, Galt and New Haven. And let’s not forget about the artists that submitted the master pieces and the fine job each and everyone did, I wish everyone could be a winner.

The last few years the poster contest winners and the immediate family members have been the guests of the Missouri State Fair Fire Department in Sedalia which has been a hit so this year will be the same. The first through third place winners will be the guests of the Missouri State Fair by the State Fair Fire Department, the winners will receive the prize money, get passes for the mile long midway and have fun at the state fair. This year’s fire prevention theme was Don’t Wait – Check the Date! Replace Smoke Alarms Every 10 Years.

This year’s winners are first and second grade: First place Jayla Thomas, Union Fire Protection District; Second place Lilly Green, Union Fire District; Third place Tucker Jones, Iberia Fire.

Third-Fourth grade: First place Eli Schmieder, Union Fire Protection District; Second place Calvin Brune, Union Fire Protection District; Third Place Macy Shatzer, Paris Fire Protection District.

Fifth grade: First place Skylar Bennett, Galt Fire Protection District; Second place Trenton Bailey, Union Fire Protection District; Third place Bridgette Hammeken, Union Fire Protection District. A big shout out to all the artist great job well done hope to see at the fair. If the winning department and district would help making notifications to the winners it would be very much appreciated.

The 2017 fire prevention theme has not been released. NFPA states that the theme will be released the first of June so watch the newsletter. One fine note to all departments, districts and fire companies, please read the rules and regulations and fill out the information sheet so everyone is on the same page. Thank you for your time have a great safe summer and remember fire prevention is a daily thing spread the word.