Fire Fighters Association of Missouri

The Museum Project – May 2017

With the lack of progress in fund raising toward the original concept, the foundation is moving in a different direction and revised concept. A construction steering committee within the foundation was formed and a small phased project is now underway with what we will for now call Phase I. If money and the need present itself in the future, then Phase II or even Phase III will be considered. The much smaller footprint has essentially required us to triage the most important elements from the original concept into available space of a revised budget. This revised concept is well underway and a preliminary summary for builder proposals is nearing finalization and release for bid.

The smaller facility concept did allow a design consideration which was a limiting option with the full size facility. The smaller size allows for an “old fire station” look and that is being requested in the design proposal to the builders. Nine of the foundation members were able to meet in Sedalia during the FFAM Convention regarding this project. Numerous details were reviewed and a working project outline pushed forward to the next phase. We are planning on another review May 6, during work day, and then wrap things up for a bid package. If we can get our needs met within a revised budget number a contract can be quickly signed and work started this summer. More details to follow in the next newsletter due out in July.