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Auxiliary Minutes – March 2017

Prior to the meetings, members participated in a group prayer for Cindy Gott a member of the Galt Fire Department, who passed away this morning. Our prayers and sympathy go out to her family and the Galt Fire Department.

Meeting called to order by President Diane Hanes at 9:04 a.m.


Diane Hanes, Galt FPD; Jessica Miller, Norborne FPD; Theresa Cox, Wentzville FPD; Chris Slaughter, Warrenton FPD; Ann Jones, Madison West Monroe FPD; Missy Erdel, Little Dixie FPD; Joyce Thompson, Kearney Fire; Kerrie Mattox, North Central Carroll Fire; Barb Mattox, North Central Fire; Joni Fields, Paris FD; Angela Fields, Paris FD. Continue Reading →

History Corner – March 2017

The City of Branson’s new engine on display at the Winter Fire School “Fire Expo” in Columbia.

Anyone who has been in the fire service for any length of time knows that it is a profession that is filled with tradition. Many of the things that are done and have been done in the past date back to colonial days and as far reaching as biblical days. Our badges and symbols of rank reflect the use of the firefighters tools of historic days when the Chief Officers would direct operation with a device now only used as a retirement gift with inscriptions on it.

It is also well know that some of our rituals, such as hanging on the side or back step of fast moving apparatus are things that need to be kept in our past – or – the gauge of a firefighters capability was how much “smoke he or she could eat”.

We also have a number of “rights of passage” that are very traditional. When a “rookie” or recruit moves from that status into a full fledged firefighting member of a fire department, we provide them with a different color helmet than was worn as a fledgling member. The same is true with each elevation in rank, and with that movement up in stature, a change in the color of helmet and badge designation. Continue Reading →

MFA Oil Foundation Awards Grant

The MFA Oil Foundation has awarded a grant to the Firefighters’ Historical Preservation Foundation to assist with purchasing display cases. The MFA Oil Foundation provides support to nonprofit organizations that are working to improve communities where MFA Oil has a significant concentration of members and employees. Since it was established in 1998, the MFA Oil Foundation has awarded more than one million dollars in grants.

MFA Oil President and CEO Mark Fenner described the MFA Oil Foundation as “a program that allows our company to give support back to the rural communities that are the foundation of our business. The grants the Foundation awards help support many youth programs and organizations active in addressing and solving community problems and improving the quality of life.” Continue Reading →

The Museum Project – March 2017

Elsewhere in this newsletter you will find a picture and news release announcing a grant from the MFA Foundation to the Fire Fighters’ Museum project in the amount of $2,500. This grant is to purchase display cases for the museum when built. We are grateful for their generous gift and appreciative of this contribution.

However, if we are to raise sufficient funds, many more gifts of that type need to be discovered and received. I need your help in this. Perhaps there are organizations, corporations, or individuals in your community who might consider making similar grants/gifts to the museum project. You can help by making me aware of those you know about and working with me to file the necessary paperwork so that we might at least be considered for funding. I will gladly come to where you are or meet you halfway to discuss this possibility. Your help is essential in raising the necessary funds. Continue Reading →

News From District 7 – March 2017

Hello to all I hope to see many at the 2017 Convention at the Missouri State Fairgrounds; it will be a grand ole time. I want to say thank you to all the members that have been working many hours behind the scenes to get the convention going.

With the convention around the corner, the Fire Prevention poster contest will be judged during the convention, so all poster entries will need to be in before the start of the convention. All posters will need to be given to the ladies’ auxiliary. The ladies auxiliary will be judging the posters and a pre-thank you to all the ladies for doing a great job and who have the hard job of selecting the top three winners from each class. As a reminder, “PLEASE” use the back poster form. This will help the Fire Prevention committee to make contact with the winners to make arrangements. I hope we have many from each district and would like this year to be a record year.

Have a great spring and see ya soon at the convention.

A Note About the Foundation

Time to save the dates for the 2017 memorial services. The Candlelight Service is Saturday, May 20, at 9:00 p.m. The Memorial Service is Sunday morning May 21, at 10:30 a.m. Weather permitting, both services will be at the memorial site in Kingdom City. Weather not permitting, they will be held 5 miles North, at the Auxvasse Elementary School Gym. Our keynote speaker this year is Brian Zinanni, founding member and director of the Missouri Funeral Assistance Team, State Director of Supporting Hero’s, Memorial Foundation member, and Regional Director of the National Honor Guard Commanders Association.

We will be honoring those which have passed in the line of duty and those which have served and passed from 2016.  Those that passed in early 2017 are honored by choice of their family and anyone we may have missed from 2014 or 2015. If there is a line of duty we have missed regardless of date, they will be honored. As a point of fact, we have two being honored from the 1960’s. Our next foundation meeting is Sunday, March 19.

Donation Request Inter City FPD

We are one of the oldest continuously operating volunteer fire districts, located in unincorporated Jackson County Missouri.  We are the only Volunteer Fire District in urban Kansas City.  We operate in a high crime, low income area. As we work with a very limited tax base, We rely on contributions, fund raisers, and mutual aid to get equipment that we need. We would be very grateful for your department’s help for any assistance you can give us.  The following items are things that we could use to help provide better quality fire protection for our district. We can also will provide a separate letter releasing any liability for equipment that your district contributes. Continue Reading →

News From District 2 – March 2017

Hello from District 2. I didn’t get a chance to thank the fire funeral team and members of the FFAM for all their help at the 2016 Heroes tribute gala that was held in October. Along with the law enforcement and EMS funeral teams we honored 14 fire, law, and EMS individuals that gave their lives in the line of duty, as well as all public safety individuals that gave their lives as well. Nearly 100 individuals attended the event.

Attend the Ewing and LaBelle fire departments annual pancake breakfast this year. Big Crowd, great food and got to see a lot of old friends. If you are in district 2 let me know of your event. I would love to come if the schedule allows.

Supporting Heroes “Heroes Tribute Gala” was held March 4 in Louisville Ky. With the expansion of Supporting Heroes to Missouri, Missouri firefighters, law enforcement officers, and EMS individuals were honored. Very proud to have been able to attend the event and being a part of it. Continue Reading →