Fire Fighters Association of Missouri

The Museum Project – March 2017

Elsewhere in this newsletter you will find a picture and news release announcing a grant from the MFA Foundation to the Fire Fighters’ Museum project in the amount of $2,500. This grant is to purchase display cases for the museum when built. We are grateful for their generous gift and appreciative of this contribution.

However, if we are to raise sufficient funds, many more gifts of that type need to be discovered and received. I need your help in this. Perhaps there are organizations, corporations, or individuals in your community who might consider making similar grants/gifts to the museum project. You can help by making me aware of those you know about and working with me to file the necessary paperwork so that we might at least be considered for funding. I will gladly come to where you are or meet you halfway to discuss this possibility. Your help is essential in raising the necessary funds.

A second request is fairly simple. In every community, businesses look for opportunities to assist organizations like ours with fund raising. In our area, I am aware of Wendy’s, Pizza Hut, and Texas Roadhouse to name a few. With these businesses, all we need to do is promote a specific night and possibly have an individual or two present at the event and these restaurants will give a percentage of their sales to us.

My challenge to you, is to contact restaurants in your area and ask them to do a fundraising event, and then split the proceeds between your department and the museum project. Simple math says such events would multiply and greatly assist our project. For example, if 50 departments were to raise $500 in an event, those departments would get 50% or $250 each, but the museum project would receive $12,500. Obviously, the more departments participating, the greater the result.

For additional information on how you can help, please contact me at 573-220-4977 or

Thanks for all you do. It is an honor to serve along side each of you.