Fire Fighters Association of Missouri

Donation Request Inter City FPD

We are one of the oldest continuously operating volunteer fire districts, located in unincorporated Jackson County Missouri.  We are the only Volunteer Fire District in urban Kansas City.  We operate in a high crime, low income area. As we work with a very limited tax base, We rely on contributions, fund raisers, and mutual aid to get equipment that we need. We would be very grateful for your department’s help for any assistance you can give us.  The following items are things that we could use to help provide better quality fire protection for our district. We can also will provide a separate letter releasing any liability for equipment that your district contributes.

  • Fire gloves
  • Fire helmets
  • Bunker gear newer than 15 years old
  • Old MSA mask or parts
  • Any extrication equipment
  • Fire hose
  • Siamese inlet
  • Nozzles
  • Storz different sizes
  • Halogen tools
  • Any M.S.A. mask or S.C.B.A.  Equipment
  • Lights & Siren for a brush truck.
  • Rope polyester
  • Air Bags for lifting
  • We are also wanting to purchase a used fire truck (1500 GPM)