Fire Fighters Association of Missouri

Fire Marshal’s Update – January 2017

Happy New Year! It’s the time of year when some take a few moments to reflect on their lives and decide if adjustments are needed.

While I have shared my New Year resolutions in the past, for the most part I believe resolutions are a personal thing. Most of us recognize those areas in which we have been lacking or those habits we need to change or improve upon. Of course, if we have any doubt, I’m fairly certain we can ask those we love and trust for a list of our flaws.

I know I fell a bit short of my goals this year. I didn’t work out as often as I planned nor did I change my eating habits to include healthier options. But, I did make more time to spend with family and friends, especially our fire service family.

I have found it important to step away from the office, get out into the state and just hang out with our responders. Brenda and I have been blessed to have made some long lasting friendships as a result of those trips. We both feel responders should never just be a “number” or a “name”. We want to personally know as many of you as we can. (Even though I am still terrible with remembering names of those we have met.) And more than just meeting members of our fire service, law enforcement and EMS communities; we have met their spouses, children, mothers and fathers; many of whom are part of the family tradition of service to their communities.

Whether at the FFAM conference, a fire academy graduation, a local parade, a training course or the instructor’s conference, my position as your state fire marshal has afforded me opportunities to meet many of you and share in your accomplishments. For allowing us to be a part of your lives, Brenda and I thank you. I look forward to continuing to meet and getting to know more of our “family” and your families in turn.

So, one of my three resolution for last year was met. I promise to work on the other two on my list, but that “healthier food” thing is going to be a struggle.

Let us all resolve to enjoy life more; to spend quality time with those we care about, to remain passionate in our goals and in general to be there when we are needed.

If we can accomplish those things, I believe 2017 has the makings of a very good year for us all.

Stay safe!

Greg Carrell
Acting State Fire Marshal