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President’s Remarks – November 2016

What a beautiful fall season so far. It could stay like this until Christmas. Cool, crisp air in the mornings and the brilliant colors of the fall foliage remind us of the changing of the life cycles of Mother Nature.

This is a very busy time of the year for many of us, Fire Prevention Week is just ending, deer season is just beginning, Halloween in just a few days, Thanksgiving quickly arriving, and then the Christmas holidays wrapping up the year. If that does not fill up your calendar, I don’t know what would.

Also, Chief Larry Jennings from the Johnson County Fire Protection District is heading up the 2017 convention committee that the FFAM State Fair Fire and Rescue Department is hosting. Please become involved in this great work. The convention is only great if all of us work to make it great. I am looking forward to an excellent convention to be held on the Missouri State Fair Grounds in 2017. Continue Reading →

Gala For Missouri Public Safety Professionals

Every day in Missouri, as across the United States, public safety individuals put their lives on the line to serve and protect. A special night is being planned to honor those individuals and to those that gave the ultimate sacrifice.

The event, at the Lodge of Four Season in Osage Beach, MO, is being held the weekend of October 21-23, 2016. That weekend will bring fire, law, and EMS responders together for one very special weekend and one very special night. The Missouri Public Safety Weekend Heroes Tribute Gala, being put together by the Missouri EMS Funeral Response Team, will celebrate and honor the lives and service of our Missouri public safety police, fire, and EMS heroes who have given the ultimate sacrifice.

The weekend will start on Friday at 10:00 a.m. with free training for administrators, supervisors, chiefs, and any public safety individual that might be involved in dealing with a line of duty death in their organization. It will cover what to do in the first few hours of a LODD (line of duty death), plus other information to assist their organization in dealing with a LODD. This training is free to anyone that wishes to attend, but pre-registration is requested by clicking on Friday training on the public safety weekend’s website: Continue Reading →

2017 FFAM Convention Honor Guard Request

fg-1Great news for the FFAM! The 2017 FFAM convention will be held at the Missouri State Fairgrounds in Sedalia!

The theme is “Mutual Aid at its Best.” So, sticking with that theme I am in need of your help. If your department has an honor guard team we would like them to come up for the opening and closing ceremonies with your department flag, If you do not have an honor guard team do not worry we want your department to be represented also.

So if you could send some of your guys and gals dressed in there Class A or B uniforms with a department flag we would love to include them. We want to make this the biggest and best opening ceremony yet! So please save the dates for the 2017 FFAM convention on April 21-23 and lets make this year something to be apart of!

Please contact Shelby Phifer Assistant Director District 5 by March 20 2017 at 417-239-7670 or by email at with your department name and how many people will be in your group.

NFFF LODD Walk of Honor Section Dedication

nfffHarriett Vaucher along with her son, Brian Manetzke attended the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation Pre-1981 LODD Walk of Honor section dedication on June 11, 2016 in Emmitsburg, Maryland in honor of her late husband, George Manetzke Jr. of the Eureka Fire Protection District, who was killed in the line-of-duty in 1971.

This special section is designated for those who lost their lives prior to 1981 when the memorial was built. A special book was created for that event. Each page in the book contains the names that were submitted. These pages will be on display in the Chapel during the Memorial Weekend, October 8-9, 2016.  If anyone would like to verify that their loved ones or fellow firefighters names are listed in the book, and/or spelled correctly, contact Donna Clark with the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation at 443-302-2905 or at as soon as possible.

History’s Corner – Spetember 2016

hc-1Early in my career, I had the opportunity to complete my education at Oklahoma State University. For years before I attended there, it was known as the “West Point of the Fire Service”. Professor R.J. Douglas was the head of the School of Fire Protection and the founder of the School. In 1959 when I enrolled. It was one of the few educational institutions in the country that offered a formal degree in fire protection. After my fire protection degree was completed, I stayed and received a bachelors and masters degree in industrial education.

This long-winded description of my education is necessary to set the stage for the story I am about to tell. After I went to work at the University of Missouri, my Mother was continually after me to work on a doctorate in education, since I worked for a major educational institution. My excuse to her was always the same reply. “Mom, the two titles don’t match up, you can not use the term ‘doctor’ with the title of ‘chief.’ How would you do that, chief doctor or doctor chief?”

Well, as usual the individual who is the subject of this article proved me wrong. Doctor/Chief James C. Coleberd is that person. Jim was a unique person and as his life’s adventure played out, he proved you can be anything you want to be and do anything you want to do. All you have to do is have a strong desire to do it. Continue Reading →

Greetings to All from Officer 4

sf-4Well sad to say another fair has come and gone. Oh, but it was another good one, lots of hard work and lots of good fun was had by all.

This year we met lots of new friends and got to see our old friends we have had forever and we hope the trend will continue next year and it will if everyone tells there friends about their experiences.

We added a new commissioner and Rick Dozier was a great addition to our commission. Thanks Rick. Also we did not have any major equipment failures this year and that’s always a plus. The first couple day’s were hot as all get out and the calls were up, but that’s someone else’s department.

Thanks to our new chief this year Donnie Rogers. Chief Rogers and his staff did a very good job. Also the new chef and his crew did a super job in the kitchen. Thanks R.B. Brown. Continue Reading →

Greeting from the Missouri State Fair

2016msf-14This year’s fair was a good one, weather for the most part was great, we had a few hot days at the beginning of the fair that kept crews busy with lots of heat cases. As the fair went on, the temps cooled off and crews continued to be busy with trips and falls. The ems department ran a total of 181 calls, which is down from last years 212 calls, first aid saw 149 people, which is up a little from last year at 146 people, and DMAT which is the mobile hospital on the fairgrounds saw 157 patients. The DMAT hospital saw a lot of patients that were burnt, many being concession workers getting burnt from grease, several chest pains, including a couple of MI’S that just walked in, and of course your minor scraps and bruises. The ems department ran with 5 ALS ambulances on the fairgrounds and saw a great variety of calls, everything from your very minor sprains to even the life threatening calls like a major chest injury, that patient was flown from the fairgrounds to a local trauma center in Kansas City where he was admitted into ICU for a couple of days. The EMS department could not operate without the great donations from our members, so for that I want to say thank you, without you we would not have a successful ems operation at the fair. Thanks again for all your continued support. Continue Reading →