Fire Fighters Association of Missouri

The Museum Project – September 2016

The last part of August I attended the Missouri State Employee’s Charitable Contributions Kickoff event. Representatives of all departments of state government come to the Truman building and have the opportunity to talk to about 100 approved charities. They gather materials and go back to their departments to share what is available. I was able to talk to about 200 of these representatives and passed out almost 500 pamphlets about our museum project. Now we wait. If you have a family member or friend who would like to make a donation to the museum project, encourage them to check #8065 on their pre-tax giving opportunity. Please pass the word.

Fire Fighters’ Field of Flags

As you know by now, each year in mid May we post flags that are purchased in honor, appreciation or memory of individuals or departments. If you want the flag to remain in our possession and posted each year, the cost of a flag is $35. If you want that flag mailed to you after they are taken down on Flag Day, June 14, the cost is $40. Below is an order form, I hope you will make copies and go to businesses or individuals in your community and encourage them to purchase. Orders are due May 1, 2017, but don’t wait until the last minute. Would like to have over 100 flags flying this year. It truly is a beautiful sight as people drive by on I-70.

Fund Raising Events

I know many of you have events to raise funds for your programs and do not want to take away from that. Your work and your equipment are essential to services you offer your communities. However, if it would be possible, would you consider doing one fund raising event and sharing the proceeds 50/50 between your department and the museum project. I have several ideas that might be easy if you would call me.

Put this on your calendar for the winter fire school in February. We will have the fund raiser at Texas Roadhouse again. Last year we raised $525. You have to take a flyer, which we will have available, to Texas Roadhouse on the Friday night and they will give us 10% of your check for our project. Eat hearty!

There have been some changes in how to communicate with me as to the work of the museum project. My email is and phone number is 573-220-4977, my mailing address is PO Box 245, Fulton, MO, 65251. I look forward to hearing from you, preferably with a big check!