Fire Fighters Association of Missouri

State Fair Volunteer FD Kitchen

2016msf-10From the kitchen of the Missouri State Fair Volunteer Fire Department. I hope everyone that helped at the State Fair had a good time and will be back next year, August 10-20. I also hope you had plenty to eat with breakfast, lunch and supper. I have to say we used a lot of forks, plates and napkins. As for what was dished out, I hope it was tolerable. We started with S.O.S and ended with pizza, with the best meal in my opinion being the Tuesday evening catfish night. The catfish was the talk all over the fair from our people, the highway patrol and from the state fair commissioners. A big shout out for the Galt Fire Protection District; thank you for a great supper that made my birthday even better.

While giving out thank you’s, the mess hall could not have functioned without the great help from the ladies and the gentlemen. Mrs. Ann, Mrs. Angie, Mrs. Brenda, Mr. Gordon, Mrs. Kathy, Mrs. Joyce, and to all the engine company and EMS crews that helped me cook and clean. It was a kitchen saver and a T.E.A.M. event; together everyone achieves more. And thanks to the fire chief and EMS chief for your help.

While giving out big thank you’s, a few people did some talking and were able to get many things donated to the State Fair Mess Hall. Let’s start off with the two hogs from Ricky Baldwin, Ann and Larry Jones and the Salisbury meat market for processing the hogs. Mrs. Angie Fields for lining up the 75 dozen eggs from the Stanton Brothers, K&M Distributor Mac Heimsoth for all the milk, juice, ice cream. Chris Williams from McDonalds for the sausage and buns. Karen Potter of the Jackson St Diner for the biscuits, gravy mix, pancake mix and sausage, and Dr. Stein for the hamburger. Mr. Gentry for the hot dogs and finally Tyson chicken. Mr. Josh Whitley for the bacon, sausage, and the tasty chicken. The mess hall had plenty to eat thanks to all the gracious donation thank you so much.

Let me mention a few things that were served 6 gallons of S.O.S. 150 pounds of pork butt, 230 pounds of catfish, 8 briskets, 110 dozen of eggs, 410 hot dogs, 14 pans of enchiladas, just to name a few during the 11.5 days of the fair. The mess hall fed over 3,000 people. I can’t say my thanks enough to the mess hall help ladies and gents and all the engine company and EMS. Without you and the donations it could not have happened so the biggest shout out to everyone, thank you so much. Until then be safe and I hope to see everyone at the convention which is going to be at the Missouri State Fair Grounds.