Fire Fighters Association of Missouri

Greeting from the Missouri State Fair

2016msf-14This year’s fair was a good one, weather for the most part was great, we had a few hot days at the beginning of the fair that kept crews busy with lots of heat cases. As the fair went on, the temps cooled off and crews continued to be busy with trips and falls. The ems department ran a total of 181 calls, which is down from last years 212 calls, first aid saw 149 people, which is up a little from last year at 146 people, and DMAT which is the mobile hospital on the fairgrounds saw 157 patients. The DMAT hospital saw a lot of patients that were burnt, many being concession workers getting burnt from grease, several chest pains, including a couple of MI’S that just walked in, and of course your minor scraps and bruises. The ems department ran with 5 ALS ambulances on the fairgrounds and saw a great variety of calls, everything from your very minor sprains to even the life threatening calls like a major chest injury, that patient was flown from the fairgrounds to a local trauma center in Kansas City where he was admitted into ICU for a couple of days. The EMS department could not operate without the great donations from our members, so for that I want to say thank you, without you we would not have a successful ems operation at the fair. Thanks again for all your continued support.