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Contest Committee News

ContestIt soon will be convention time and most by now are getting ready for contest. The contest committee would like to thank Richard Gordon for all his time and effort spent for FFAM. Richard has decided to hang up his helmet and boots and retire from the fire service. Thanks Richard for all you have done.

That being said, the torch has been passed on to me and I will now be chairing the committee. The other members are Terry Wynne, Glen Dittmar, Jessica Miller and newly added Gary Berendzen. We hope we can continue to serve you to the best of our ability. Continue Reading →

News from District 3 – March 2016

As you read this, I’m sure you have sent in your registration for the FFAM convention at Lake of the Ozarks on April 29 – May l. All of the forms you have always wanted to fill out are in the FFAM Newsletter.

A few weeks later, you will be able to attend the Annual Fallen Firefighters Memorial on May 14-15, at Kingdom City. On Saturday night there is a candlelight program and on Sunday a memorial service. The Firefighter’s Field of Flags will be flown at this time. It is a very impressive site at the Memorial. If you haven’t attended before, please make every effort to find out what it is all about. In the last newsletter, there is an order form for a Kneeling Firefighter Statue if you decide to purchase one. Continue Reading →

An Update from the 2nd Vice President – March 2016

Recently I was looking at some old pictures from my younger years in the fire service and the people that trained me and that I had the honor to fight fires with. It made me think, am I doing all I can to help the next generation of fire fighters? Yes technology has changed the way we attack fires, ventilate, and even  our extrication techniques have changed, but if you stay up on your training you still have a duty to pass on what you have learned from training and from years of being a firefighter. Who will be the next leaders in your department when it is time for you to move on? Are they ready to lead and  command a scene? If the answer is yes then you have done your job and you should be proud. If you said no, then you, we have failed. Us old guys have learned special ways to make that old pumper pull a prime and pump away, we have experience on how a building will act when on fire. The little trick on how to force a certain door, are tricks that we need to help train our next group of firefighters.

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From Around The State – March 2016

Funeral Team Update – March 2016

Do you know who is listed on your life insurance? This may seem like an unusual question, but it is one that can have a bigger impact than you may believe.

When a public safety officer dies in the line of duty, the federal Public Safety Officer Benefits process has a very defined hierarchy of how the benefits will be paid, should the claim meet all of the requirements of the process. Understanding how this process works, and understanding which components you can and cannot change can be quite confusing. The two initial questions we need answered are: 1) Is the public safety officer legally married, and 2) does the public safety officer have any dependent children? Continue Reading →

Emergency Response Agencies Awards Dinner

EM-ResponseFive of Randolph County’s fire departments came together this past Saturday evening to host a combined awards dinner. For the first time all five of the county’s fire departments that are manned by volunteers honored those same volunteers with awards for their service to the community.

Over 175 people were present at the Municipal Auditorium in downtown Moberly to recognize the service to the community of 20 individuals. Each of the five fire departments, Eastern Randolph County Fire Protection District, Higbee Area Fire Protection District, Northeast R-IV Rural Fire Protection District, Southeastern Randolph County Fire Protection District and Westran Fire Protection District each recognized four individuals. Continue Reading →

History’s Corner – March 2016


History-03-2016All of us who have been in this business for any length of time have had hundreds, if not thousands of opportunities to assist the folks that we protect from harm. Many of those opportunities turn out exactly like we want them to and everyone lives happily ever after. Sadly, we are in a business that also provides situations that, even though we do everything we can do, the results are tragic.

All of us also have responded to emergency situations that stick in our memory and haunt us because we continue to replay the circumstances and evaluate how we could have had a more positive outcome. It is imperative, for our own mental health, to move forward and look ahead to the next emergency response and pray that our training and experience will allow us another positive outcome. Continue Reading →