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The Museum Project – November 2016

The next big event for promoting the Museum Project will be the Winter Fire School in Columbia, February 3-4, 2017. We will have a booth set up again to give information about fund raising efforts and other information pertinent to this project. Please stop by and purchase a raffle ticket, make a donation, or just visit with us about how we can raise more of the funding we need. I always enjoy seeing everyone at the fire school so come on by!

Speaking of the fire school, once again we will be doing a fund raiser at Texas Roadhouse on Friday evening of the school. In the January newsletter, we will have a flier about this event. You must take that flier and give it to your server and the museum project will receive 10% of your check. Last year we raised over $500, the largest fund raiser Texas Roadhouse had at that restaurant. You are to be commended and I’m sure you enjoyed a delicious steak. Because of the crowds, many were not able to participate, but please support this effort. Continue Reading →

9/11 Memorial Stair Climb Held at Silver Dollar City

Silver Dollar City hosted the 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb in Echo Hollow on Sunday, September 11. Approximately 240 participants climbed the stairs of the amphitheater multiple times for a total of 110 stories, representing the number of floors in the Twin Towers of New York City. The event benefits the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation and their families.

September marked the opening of the new Heroes’ Month, honoring those who serve and protect families across the nation. Law enforcement officers, firefighters, EMTs, and active duty and retired military personnel receive free admission to Silver Dollar City for the month of September, plus discounted tickets for up to four family members.

Cold Weather Preparedness

winterSummer has come and gone and cold weather is just around the corner. With the change in seasons you should take time to prepare yourself and your equipment for inclement conditions. There are several items that you can gather before a long unexpected stay in freezing weather. Warm socks are one of the most important additions that I make every winter. A pair of wool socks left with your PPE will come in handy on those cold winter days. Another important addition is a pair of warm gloves. Our bunker gloves work well until we get them wet. A good pair of insulated work gloves will help keep your fingers toasty for those long fire incidents.

From time to time winter will bring us snow and ice. Snow and ice conditions increase firefighter hazards while working on emergency scenes and around the station. Several companies manufacture traction devices that can be placed on your boots. These devices range in cost but are a good investment as they reduce your chances of slip and fall injury. You should also dress warm under your bunker gear but keep in mind that too many layers under your PPE decreases maneuverability so bring an extra sweatshirt that can be put on if you need it.

These are just a few additions to your cold weather PPE that have been discovered from trial and error. Rubber boots and wet gloves will not keep you warm so take time to prepare yourself, it will pay off in the end. Stay Safe!

Line of Duty Death Training

loddOn Friday October 21, a training was held at the Lodge of Four Seasons in conjunction with the Missouri Public Safety Weekend, held on October 21-23. The course provided information on Line of Duty Deaths and PSOB benefits. Instructors for the class were Executive Director Eric Johnson from Supporting Heroes in Louisville, KY, and Missouri State Director Brian Zinanni of Supporting Heroes, who is also the head of the Missouri Fire Funeral Assistance Team.

This six hour program shared information on how to prepare for LODD in your organization and how important it is to have a plan already formed for your organization. How important it is to have information on all your members and have it on file was stressed many times throughout the program. PSOB benefits were also talked about and how important it know what you need and don’t need.

27 members from law enforcement, fire, and EMS attended the training. This training is also available to organizations by contacting Supporting Hero’s at, or contact Brian Zinanni with the Missouri Fire funeral assistance Team.

Western Taney County FD

wtfdThe Western Taney County Fire Protection District placed its second Brush/Service truck in service at Fire Station 7. The vehicle is designed to respond to natural cover fires, medical calls and service company in the North central portion of the fire district.

This truck does function as a “normal” brush truck and carries ALS medical gear. In addition, it carries all service company equipment required by ISO except for the extension and roof ladders. The district also has a heavy rescue truck responding from Fire Station 1 as the light and air unit, however there was a need to shorten the response distance to improve the Insurance Service Office (ISO) credit.

Linn FD Receives First Aerial Apparatus

lfd-1Pictured is Deputy Chief Brian Leivian and Travis Trent of Jons Mid America Trucks in Rogersville, Missouri. Brian is receiving the keys for a 75 foot KME aerial ladder truck on September 30, 2016. Brian is the veteran member on the department with 26 years of service and received the departments first aerial apparatus. Chief Ron Hoffman, Assistant Chief Craig Leivian, Captain Chase Hoffman, Captain Colby Nilges, and Firefighter Zach Holmes assisted the committee with searching, locating, testing and inspecting the unit. This process took over a year to find the best option for purchase. Training has started and after equipping the aerial apparatus and training/certifications, it is expected to go into service by the first of the year.

Fredricktown Fire Department Chili Cook Off

ffd-1The Fredericktown Fire Department just completed another successful chili cook off with over $6,000 raised to go toward our training center.  Be sure to check out the following link :

This video demonstrates how quickly a fire can grow inside of a residence.

A very good prop to build to get attention on the importance of fire alarms and how quickly a fire can spread.

The department also welcomed over 450 kids to the department for fire prevention week.


Holden Fire Department

Holden Fire Department participated in the annual MDA boot block and raised $1,700. The department also participated in the annual City of Holden downtown trick-or-treat on October, 31.