Fire Fighters Association of Missouri

An Update From the 2nd Vice President

I want to first express my deepest sympathy for our lost brothers who answered their final call with the Kansas City Fire Department (KCFD). My heart fell when the news came on with the report of the fire and the wall that collapsed on four firefighters. My eyes started to water thinking of how, without a second delay, the guys went after their brothers. Having seen something similar when a wall fell on an engine company trapping a man in the jump seat. Your heart stops, then all you want to do is get to them as fast as possible, do everything possible, thinking of nothing but getting them out. My prayers to the families, the entire Kansas City Fire Department, and especially to the men and women on the scene that night. God be with you all!

Changing focus to a completely different spectrum, the State Fair is over and with the blink of an eye the holiday season is here! Time really does fly by! I realize that it has been said many times but I do want to thank everybody that gave their time and vacations to work this year’s fair. It always is impressive how everybody works so well together regardless of what part of the state they come from. I want to add a special thanks to the command staff for all the hard work that they do. Many of these guys help me out in a big way by getting equipment to use during the fair. Items such as pumpers, ambulances, EMS carts, EMS supplies, heart monitors, rescue tools, etc. Lots and lots of equipment, that with the work from the staff, and the huge help from fire departments, ambulance districts, and equipment companies that supply these at no cost for us. Thank you!

Now looking at Thanksgiving and Christmas, I want to first say that I am thankful for all the friends I have in the fire service. Those that I have worked with in my department, FFAM, and the many departments that I have had the pleasure of visiting and the fellow firefighters around the state. Thank you for being a part of my life in good and bad. For Christmas I wish that everybody stays safe, keeps their families safe, and like we always do, helps those in need.

As a reminder, the end of the year is less than sixty days away. Remember to renew your membership!

Happy Holidays to all.

Charlie Neubert

2nd Vice President