Fire Fighters Association of Missouri

An Update from the 2nd Vice President – July 2015

Well summer is here and 90 degrees is a few days away, but first we need to tell mother nature what time of year it is and turn off the rain!

High waters become so dangerous very quickly and we are called to rescue these people. Our jobs as firefighters is a dangerous world but we also need to know when it is not safe or wait for other resources. Everyone please be careful when making these rescue calls, and all calls that you may respond to! And be sure to watch your crews and yourselves with the upcoming heat this summer as well.

Our membership numbers continue to grow as you can see in the committee reports of the Board of Director Minutes. Jaime, the FFAM secretary, has been busy looking for additional benefits for our members. If anybody has any leads or ideas please contact one of us so we can follow up. We really want to give as much as possible to all of our membership.

The State Fair is coming fast and all the commissioners and fire chiefs have things ready to go. The work weekend in June went well and things are looking good. By the next work weekend in July things should be set to go. I want to thank all of the departments, ambulance districts, and individuals that have donated equipment this year. We will have a list of all that contributed in the next issue, but sometimes one or two may get missed but not forgotten by any means. Without people like you, and the people that work the fair we could never make it happen, so remember you are very important to the State Fair Fire Department, the commissioners, and to the FFAM.

Charlie Neubert
2nd Vice President